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What Makes Rustic Furniture In Keystone CO Special

Are you interested in rustic furniture from Keystone CO but are not sure what sets it apart from mass-manufactured furniture brands? Rustic furniture and barnwood furniture have both remained extremely popular with people all over the world thanks to its unique style. Most people, however, are unaware of what rustic furniture is exactly. 

The article below will highlight some of the characteristics that make up rustic furniture. It will also detail what makes rustic furniture so special and why it continues to remain popular with people from diverse backgrounds and styles. If you are ready to shop for rustic furniture online, please visit Raised In A Barn today to view what we have to offer. 

What Is Rustic Furniture?

Rustic furniture in Keystone CO is completely handmade using materials that are eco-friendly. Every piece of authentic rustic furniture is natural and many people are reminded of the great outdoors and the beauty of the American West. Natural, wood finishes are most commonly used while glass and metal are typically avoided. 

Most people will instantly notice that natural shapes are typically used when designing rustic furniture. A great example of this is a table that is made from the base of a large, weathered tree trunk. Rustic furniture will usually only undergo sanding and an application of a natural finish to enhance its color and retain its appearance. 

The irregular shapes, rough edges, and natural cracks and holes are all part of what makes a rustic furniture piece so special and unique. This frontier aesthetic can enhance the appearance of any room and add natural charm. 

Rustic Furniture Is Not Mass Produced

Part of the appeal of rustic furniture in Keystone CO is how it is made. Rustic furniture is handcrafted by skilled and creative craftsmen that use traditional techniques. Modern furniture by contrast, is mass-produced and each piece will look exactly the same as the rest. The materials used in their manufacture are cheap and foreign-made. 

Most modern furniture and furniture made to look rustic is designed to only last a few years before wear and tear become apparent. By contrast, authentic rustic furniture is made of durable wood often repurposed from abandoned barns that dot the countryside. People who buy rustic furniture in Keystone CO will be able to enjoy each piece of furniture for decades to come. 

A Diverse Range Of Sub-Themes

Rustic furniture makes a great addition to any home or office because of the diverse styles available. Some of the sub-themes that rustic furniture offers include: barnwood furniture, log cabin furniture, Americana rustic, Mission rustic, and Southwestern rustic, just to name a few. Rustic furniture offers buyers the opportunity to choose a theme that will work best for their home or office. 

The natural colors used in most rustic furniture can add warmth and style to any room. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow all add to a room’s warmth when decorating with rustic furniture. This gives buyers a large amount of freedom when decorating a bedroom, living room, office, and more. 

Rustic Furniture In Keystone CO

If you are interested in finding the perfect rustic furniture piece for your home, office, or wherever else, Raised In A Barn is here to help. We are a rustic furniture store that is dedicated to helping buyers find quality rustic furniture pieces at affordable prices. Our skilled craftsmen design and handcraft rustic furniture of all kinds including cabinets, tables, beds, and more. 

Please visit our rustic furniture collection online today or contact us directly if you are interested in designing a custom furniture order.

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