Barnwood Picture Frame
Barn Wood Furniture

Barnwood Picture Frame

Working with recycled and reclaimed wood to create a one-of-a-kind barnwood picture frame. What type of reclaimed woods can be reused when making barnwood furniture? Almost any piece of wood can be reused. Raised in a Barn Furniture prefers barnwood and beetle kill pine but you can use wood from old wood reclaimed from bridges, fences, antique commercial structures like gold mills, granaries, broken furniture, pallets, etc.

Is recycled barn wood or beetle kill pine inferior to new wood?

Absolutely not. Well-aged wood is superior to new wood in most applications. Because it is aged, the wood is not likely to twist or warp like new wood. The appearance of recycled wood has a warm glow as it records its history resulting in rich colors and character not present in new wood.

Is recycled wood a cheap source of wood?

No. You can often get recycled wood free, but you will pay for it in many hours of work preparing the wood for reuse. Expect to pay more for a recycled product. There is a lot of legwork like removing old nails and then stripping and applying your preferred stain or paint.

What is involved in prepared recycled barn wood for reuse?

You must remove all foreign material that will damage the tools that you use to work the wood. This must be done in a systematic, careful manner to prevent damage to the wood. Basically, you remove nails, bolts, screws, glue joints, anything holding the wooden structure together.

Often nails refuse to pull out and break off inside. A hidden nail can ruin expensive saw blades, planer blades, router bits, etc. To be sure the wood is metal-free, a metal detector is used to scan every square inch of wood.  We will be writing a new blog article on how to remove steel from wood and post that topic soon.

Are there dangers involved in recycling barn wood?

Yes, old dilapidated buildings often contain hazardous materials and maybe in hazardous condition due to rotted support beams, floorboards, etc. Once you start removing wood you make the remaining wood unstable.

Barnwood Picture Frame

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