Barnwood Furniture

Barnwood Furniture

Barnwood Furniture

A quaint, aging barn sits at the top of a Denver hilltop.  Within the rustic barn walls lie rich histories of the past, waiting to tell new stories within your home.  Barnwood Furniture provides a room with a rustic country furniture appeal not apparent with other less ecologically friendly materials.  Reclaimed barnwood can provide anything from a deep country feel to a relaxed island vibe, and transform any living into a daily vacation.

Reclaimed barnwood not only has beauty, but the furniture has a rich history in the U.S. all the way from the 1920’s and on.  The benefits of choosing a reclaimed, handmade furniture are infinite!

Environmental Factors

  • Do you have the motivation to save the beautiful, expansive forests that are so often demolished in order to create a simple piece of furniture?  Choose Barnwood furniture!  Instead of reverting to using something terribly unsustainable, a timeless piece such as reused wood may be the best option.  Going out to already unused barns, and using materials that previously would be vacant or demolished, is one of the most conservation-aware projects to support on the market.  The Environmental Protection Agency even estimates that buildings used for the wood create around one-million feet of usable material annually.  The decision to cherish our forests and avoid waste is the decision to purchase Barnwood Furniture.

Age and Character

  • Varying hues, original wood, quality, and durability. Take a look at our Stunning Rustic Trim Canopy Bed, and you’ll find a breathtaking unique simplicity which can easily be the focal point of a room.  There’s a true specialness in Barnwood furniture, given that one will never find a piece that’s identical to another through the remarkable lines and colors found within the wood.

Availability and Strength

  • There is a struggle to be found deep within the forests for things trees require, such as shining sunlight and deeply embedded soil nutrients.  Before the more modern era trees such as this, that had time to develop their strength (and character, if you will), were often times used in everyday construction.  Lumber sincerely does improve with age.  Due to this natural battle for everyday needed items for a forest tree, the wood used in Barnwood Furniture is resilient, as some of the oldest barns were made of completely natural materials.  It’s a certain quality that is difficult to find in anything else in today’s market.


  • As mentioned previously, Barnwood Furniture has an uncommon look.  Artistic and rustic, it is able to tell a story in your home with ease.  The gorgeous Barn Wood Tenon beds can speak volumes about a comfortable, cozy, country home, perhaps set appropriately within a log cabin on the side of a magnificent Colorado Mountain.  Or maybe gaze upon the Barn Wood Round Table.  Cover with nautical glasses of sand and seashells, perfect for a snug seaside cottage.

Whatever the occasion, making the decision of dependable, eco-friendly, beautiful Barnwood Furniture is a marvelous decision.


Barnwood Furniture


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