Barnwood Furniture 2021
Barnwood Furniture

Barnwood Furniture 2021

We’re all different and have a certain something that is unique about us. What better way to accentuate that uniqueness than with some unique barnwood furniture in 2021? Raised in a Barn Furniture offers you unique, one of a kind pieces of furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. When buying reclaimed wood furniture from us you’ll be happy to know that we’re helping the community, we’re environmentally friendly, and your furniture will be proudly made in America!

Raised in a Barn Furniture is proud to be partners with Tower 21. This faith-based non-profit help assist individuals who have been incarcerated to make a return back to the community while offering them renewed self-worth and new job skills that can be used with us or any job going forward. We’re happy to be a positive force on the recovery of individuals for their families and our community. Additionally, your purchase in 2021 of barnwood furniture will help Tower 21 with operational costs of programs and re-entry rehabilitation to give assistance in finding employment, housing, education, and GEDs so that participants will have a better chance of continuing with post-secondary education and training. Together we can achieve our mission of helping to rebuild individual’s lives while building a stronger, better community!

You already know that reclaimed woods adds a certain warmth and richness that you can’t find in furniture that is manufactured and sold in those big box stores. When you buy furniture that is sourced from old, abandoned or torn down buildings, you’ll be helping us help the environment! Every piece of furniture is made using wood that would otherwise have been thrown out. Additionally, there’s no need to cut down a new tree and contribute to the massive quantities of deforestation that continues to have unexpected consequences like weather changes and the destruction of animal and indigenous people’s habitats.

We have furniture for every room in your house as well as accessories that can add a distinctive touch to the most modern decor. You can find furniture from our Barn Wood and Beetle Kill Collections including:

  • Bedroom Collection
  • Living Room Collection
  • Barn Wood Collection
  • Office Decor    
  • Accessories

If you don’t see what you’re looking for from our available collections, we have the ability to custom make pieces that will fit your needs and help you achieve that rustic look you’ve been trying to find. Raised in a Barn Furniture is located about 70 miles outside of Denver in a little town called Weldona and if you’re in the area, we’d love for you to come by and pick up your furniture at a scheduled time! Just give us a call at 970-518-2883 so we can help you find the barnwood furniture in 2021 that you’ve been waiting for and don’t forget to ask about color options including red, sage, white, green, and teal!

Barnwood Furniture 2021

For custom furniture orders or to speak with a member of our team directly, contact us online or give us a call at 970-518-2883.

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