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Barnwood Dining Table

Do you know how important a dinner table is? After extensive research, researchers have found that families that eat dinner at the table reap unimaginable benefits. The study shows that the kids in these families get higher grades, and are more likely to be successful in the future! Interesting how a seemingly unimportant piece of furniture, actually has a much deeper physiological effect. Now, what would you rather eat dinner on? A beautiful handcrafted reclaimed wood dining table or a boring robot made plain dining table.

Benefits of Handcrafted

Beauty is not the only major benefit of having a barnwood dining table. There actually some ecological factors in play here. Whenever you choose to buy a barnwood dining table, you’re actually saving some trees from being cut down! Our reclaimed barnwood comes from the old barns that aren’t getting any use. We go in there and reuse that incredibly well-made wood, and repurpose it to go into your dining room. This means instead of going into the forest and cutting down a tree (actually multiple trees) just to make a dining table, we simply use the incredible wood from these barns.

Another great benefit is helping to promote “made in America.” As more and more products are made outside of the U.S., we are proud to be a company that can stamp “Made in the USA” on its products. More specifically we’re reclaimed barnwood Denver.

Barnwood Dining Table

Our barnwood dining tables are all handcrafted to fit you. When you order one from us you can customize the table to meet your needs. If you need it bigger or smaller or want the wood to be stained to a certain style. We can customize our tables in any way you want. All this is thanks to the fact that we’re handmade. No piece is exactly the same as the other since each barnwood dining table is made with wood that is reclaimed and each has its own beautiful pattern. No one will ever have the same exact table as you.

Raised in a barn

Here at Raised in a barn, we offer much more than just a barnwood dining table. We have a full selection of furniture such as barnwood beds, barnwood chest, barnwood coffee tables, barnwood nightstands, and so much more! Also if you don’t see something on our website, but want it made out of reclaimed barnwood we can absolutely make a custom order just for you! To take a look at our catalog CLICK HERE!


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