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Barnwood Pub Tables

Decor is so important. When styling a bar or a restaurant the decor is what determines what your customers feel. The ambiance of your location is so important the experience of the customer.  There’s a saying that says “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The only issue is that no matter what, we always judge a book by its cover. The decor and visual of your restaurant or business will give off that first impression. So when choosing your tables why not barnwood pub tables?

Barnwood Pub Tables

Barnwood pub tables are great for various reasons. The biggest and most compelling is how impressed your customer will be. It’s not every day that a customer sees such a nice looking table. Personally, when I walk into anywhere I look at the furniture. To me, the furniture says everything about the establishment. A Reclaimed wood pub table will show how much detail and thought you’ve put into your business.

Regular furniture uses wood that is cut down from some poor tree in the forest. When you buy barnwood pub tables from Raised In A Barn you’re really benefiting the environment. All of the wood in our furniture comes from barns that would otherwise be demolished and the wood would be thrown away. We get that wood that to most people would be trash and turn it into something amazing! All that history and stories that these pieces of wood have to tell are now in your home or business. This means that instead of cutting down a tree that’s alive today, we take a tree that was cut down hundreds of years ago and repurpose it into amazing furniture.

All the furniture is handcrafted here in the U.S.A. This means that you’re supporting an American business that creates jobs right here at home!

Raised in a Barn

We don’t only offer Barnwood pub tables. We have a full selection of furniture and we have the ability to furnish your entire home or business! We offer

  • Barnwood Beds
  • Barnwood Chests
  • Barnwood Dining Tables
  • Barnwood Wood Frames
  • Barnwood Night  Stands
  • Barnwood Wood Benches
  • Barnwood  Dressers

And much more. You can customize any of our products and even make fully customized requests for products we don’t currently sell!

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