Barnwood Furniture

Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Do you remember the last time you saw something made to last? Back in the 20th century, everything was made to last, for example, the most iconic cars in the world are made during this time. With the right care, those incredible vehicles can last forever. Unfortunately, as time passed, companies began to degrade the durability of products to help their bottom line. Today there’s been a resurgence in the desire for quality made products, and Raised in a Barn has been a part of it by making high quality reclaimed barn wood furniture!   Today when you go to your local furniture store, you’ll see some very beautiful furniture, but the durability is unfortunately not there. You see thinner woods that are made from scrap woods that are compacted together. At Raised In A Barn Furniture we used reclaimed barn wood furniture, that reclaimed barn wood is high-quality wood that is made to take a beating since it’s designed to protect animals and equipment from the rain. We take this strong and durable reclaimed barn wood, and treat it and prepare it to be made into reclaimed barn wood furniture.   Every single piece of furniture is given special attention and is handmade in our colorado workshop. There is an artisan craftsmen hand making your furniture. Unlike mass produced furniture, where your furniture is made by a robot with a 20 digit serial number you can pronounce, here you can actually speak to the craftsmen, and your reclaimed barn wood furniture can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.   On our website we have various pre-selected models that can help inspire you, there you can see

  • Beds
  • Chests
  • Dining Tables
  • Wood Frames
  • Night  Stands
  • Wood Benches
  • Dressers
  • And so much more!

On top of these designs, we can design entire bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and stores out of reclaimed barn wood.

Ecological Advantage

Everywhere you look today, you can hear someone talking about how we need to save the earth. As demand has increased, the supply must follow. To supply the demand hundreds forest have been torn down in order to sustain the demand of wood. When you’re using reclaimed barn wood, that wood comes from a barn that would alternatively be torn down regardless. So when you choose to purchase reclaimed barn4 wood furniture, you’re actually making a choice to help save the environment.   When choosing furniture, why go with the overpriced poorly made furniture? Choose the environmentally friendly, and handmade to last reclaimed barn wood furniture, that can be custom designed! give Raised In a Barn Furniture a call Today!

Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

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