Blue Pine
Pine Beetle Wood Furniture

Blue Pine

Blue Pine lumber, also known as beetle kill wood, is derived directly from the trees that the pine beetle has recently inhabited and abandoned. The mountain pine beetle is a species of bark beetle that in cohesion with its microbial affiliates absorb the nutrients from the trees that they inhabit. Once the tree is zapped of the source of nutrition that the mountain pine beetle will move on and leave the Blue Pine wood ready to harvest. Raised in a Barn Furniture is a provider of high-quality reclaimed wood furniture. Our handmade rustic furniture is created with an environmentally conscious approach and expert craftsmanship in mind. Raised in a barn Furniture is committed to providing our clients with beautiful, durable, and unique pieces of furniture.

The wood we use for the construction of furniture is primarily derived from two main sources – old Colorado barns and blue pine timber. We choose to use barn wood timber as a source of our materials because although the barn may have served its purpose the sturdy wood that was selected to erect these buildings can be reused rather than unnecessarily disposed of. There are several types of wood that were utilized in the construction of old barns; all of which were selected for their durability and power to resist the force of the elements. Blue Pine wood derives it’s beautiful and unusual color as a chemical reaction from the process of nutrient absorption that the mountain pine beetles who once resided in the tree set in motion. While the process eventually results in a dead tree the wood is as strong as ever and can be harvested as gorgeous timber for several applications. We work to collect this blue pine wood in order to provide our clients with high-quality furniture pieces that have helped positively impact the environment. Besides Blue Pine, some of the types of wood that our team has repurposed from the old and unused Colorado barns that we tear down include:

  • Longleaf Pine
  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Ash

Our Blue Pine furniture collection includes a multitude of unique pieces that would a lovely addition to any residential property. We offer beetle kill kitchen tables, beetle-kill pine dressers, wooden chests, and plank beds for you home. When you buy handcrafted rustic furniture from Raised in a Barn Furniture you are purchasing a high-end piece that is made to withstand the test of time and you can even pass down to the forthcoming generation of your family. If you have any question regarding Blue Pine furniture or other products feel free to reach out to our team of artisans for clarification. Contact us today and our team at Raised in a Barn Furniture will happily and readily answer any inquiries you have regarding our products or services.

Custom Blue Pine – Beetle Kill Furniture

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