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Rustic Bunk Beds

Rustic Bunk Beds can truly help bring together a bedroom. At Raised in a Barn we make rustic wood furniture from reclaimed wood that can bring a room to life. Our unique furniture, hand-crafted perfectly to bring a new feeling to any room. Let Raised in a Barn help you find the perfect rustic bunk bed!

Barnwood Furniture is what you might call a one-of-a-kind style of furniture that incorporates elements from both modern and rustic. There is an old-world charm to rustic log bunk beds and queen log bunk beds. The quality and craftsmanship of the rustic furniture will astound you. And it just may become your new favorite place to hang out. But how do you choose from among the many rustic log bed selections available today?

Top of the line is the very best – you got it! The top-notch in the range of rustic log bunk beds is undoubtedly the queen log twin beds made by Raised in a Barn. With this combination, you can easily turn your bedroom into a peaceful oasis of tranquility. If space is a serious issue, then the twin log bunk beds with three twin mattresses can make sure that everyone sleeps well and comfortably. These beds are not only versatile but also exceedingly comfortable as well. It has got a firm mattress with three twin mattresses and a loft area also, which comes in very handy.

Twin lofted, single and king lofted bunk beds are a little bit tricky to choose from. You can buy either with or without a top. Some manufacturers give the option of adding a canopy to the twin bed so that it can be used for canopy viewing at night. The queen just cannot be without a canopy, as she likes to look around in the morning. But then again, she needs to have a weight limit, because she can get really cranky on those things.

The twin above-average bunk beds can sleep up to 2 adults comfortably. They come in different sizes but they all have a similar weight limit. These are the best bets in case you need more than just the twin alone. The single bunk beds are slightly smaller and they can comfortably accommodate up to one or two adults depending on the size. The queen can sleep up to three adults easily and the king-size can sleep up to six adults comfortably.

If you want something different, then the popular, traditional-looking double bed can do the trick. This is ideal for kids who love to jump into their beds and do homework all night long. These beds come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes and there are different ways you can make them look like they belong in a cabin in the woods. You can add pillows, headboards, footboards, and the ever-popular trundle that come with the beds.

Rustic bunks are the best answer if you need to design and create an outdoor themed bedroom in your backyard. This will give it that great outdoorsy feeling and will also save you money. They can also be great space savers and can be used in any room of your house. When you finally have your new rustic bunk bed, try to sleep on it tonight to see what a difference it can make.

Rustic Bunk Beds

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