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Reasons To Buy Furniture Handmade In The USA

Few furniture stores in Boulder can boast authentic handmade barn wood furniture made in the United States. Unfortunately, most furniture stores carry mass-produced furniture that lacks the passionate history that handmade barnwood furniture has to offer.

What exactly separates those stores that carry genuine barn wood furniture from all the rest? Below are a number of characteristics that differentiate furniture stores in Boulder Colorado that carry authentic and handmade barnwood furniture from all the others.

If you are interested in exploring a wide range of genuine barnwood furniture styles and designs be sure to visit and explore the Raised In A Barn website. There you can view a variety of refurbished barnwood and rustic furniture collections online.

A Part Of American History

Colorado natives and residents are proud of the history and heritage of their beautiful state and for good reason. Colorado, like the rest of the American West, is an almost mystical land filled with generations of rich frontier history.

This rich frontier history extends into the realm of furniture and as such the rugged aesthetic of handcrafted barnwood furniture has delighted people all over the world throughout the decades. Authentic and handmade barnwood furniture stores in Boulder Colorado have followed in the footsteps of the original frontiersmen whos craftsmanship survives to this day.

Unfortunately, nearly all furniture stores will try to take advantage of this timeless interest by making cheap (often foreign) knockoffs lacking any traditional technique or materials. Instead of wasting money on a piece of furniture that lacks the history and passion of traditional barnwood furniture choose to purchase the genuine and intrinsically American article.

Genuine Materials

Barnwood furniture that can be considered genuine and authentic is made from repurposed barn wood. Residents and locals of Colorado know that the local countryside is dotted with old and rundown barns often decades old. Handmade furniture stores in Boulder visit these old barns and collect the barnwood before refurbishing it and using it in the furniture’s material.

This makes every piece uniquely made and filled with years of Colorado history. Most furniture stores in Boulder carry furniture whose materials are often cheap and originate from other countries. They carry this knockoff furniture because of the low cost of the foreign materials.

Customers, however, are beginning to wise up to these cheap knockoffs which have made furniture made from authentic, repurposed barn wood become increasingly popular. The unique nature of the materials continues to impress customers who choose authentic over foreign-made pieces.

About Raised In A Barn

The premier choice in furniture stores in Boulder continues to be Raised In A Barn. We are proud to be a local furniture store whose pieces are handmade from genuine and refurbished barn wood which we collect from old, forgotten Colorado Barns.

Our success has allowed us to give back to the local community by partnering with local businesses like CSK’s Grill and community programs like The Rock Found. These collaborations allow us to make a difference through our success. Contact us today to see what sets us apart from other furniture stores in Boulder.

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