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Rustic Handmade Furniture

Our homes are an extension of our personalities. This is reflected in our style choices, artwork, and especially our furniture. As a part of our everyday lives, our furniture becomes a welcome sight every time we make it back from a hard day. At Raised in a Barn we understand that the ability to be proud of your possessions, knowing that they are uniquely your own, can be the difference in making a house into a home. This is why we build rustic handmade furniture using refurbished wood from old barns that are ready to be torn down. It is just as important to us to find a purpose for things that might be seen as useless so that we can shed a light on the individuality and uniqueness of everything in the world around us.

Raised in a Barn believes that time is a great story-teller. If you have ever ventured across the Colorado landscape it is easy to see any number of old barns on top of sprawling farms, often falling apart, weathered and battered. To some, these might be unseemly eyesores, but we saw them as a beautiful opportunity. Much like the community program we proudly are a part of, we decided to take this dilapidated wood and put it to better use. By repurposing it we are able to make a variety of rustic handmade furniture. We sell our rustic handmade furniture in 8 different collections and also create custom pieces for those that have their own admiration for these alluring pieces.

  • Barn Wood Collection
  • Bedroom Collection
  • Beetle Kill Pine Collection
  • Dining Room Collection
  • Living Room Collection
  • Office Decor
  • Rustic Trim Collection
  • This & That

Each of these collections contains a variety of pieces that will elegantly complement modern and country homes alike. But at Raised in a Barn we are more than just a furniture store. Raised In A Barn partners with a non-profit re-entry program; The Tower 21 and Waypoints Faith Community which assists individuals in their journey from incarceration to community safely with restoration and purpose. This faith-based nonprofit that assists in the reentry process for those that have incurred legal troubles and desire a second chance. Just like our refurbished barn wood, we believe everyone who seeks help and a better life should have the opportunity to pursue just that. As such, we employ members from these nonprofit groups to give them the opportunity to learn new job skills that will supplement their future life. By training them to use their heads and their hands for a better purpose than whatever might have landed them in incarceration, we know they can gain a sense of purpose and self-esteem that is often lost once entering the prison system.

Raised in a Barn is a furniture company that repurposes old barn wood to create truly unique pieces of rustic handmade furniture. Take a look at our full collection online at our store at Raised in a Barn. If you like what you see and want to create your own custom design or just ask us a question about any of our products Contact Us at the link provided. Bring a piece of Colorado’s beauty into your home today.

Rustic Handmade Furniture

If you are interested in purchasing any of our reclaimed barnwood furniture, or if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please contact us today.

For custom furniture orders or to speak with a member of our team directly, contact us online or give us a call at 970-518-2883.

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