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Reasons To Buy Rustic Furniture Copper Mountain

There are a number of benefits to choosing rustic furniture in Copper Mountain made from reclaimed wood. The reclaimed wood used to construct rustic furniture is durable, environmentally friendly, and entirely unique. These are just some of the reasons why authentic rustic furniture continues to be so popular. 

Continue reading to learn more reasons why you should consider rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood. If you would like to learn more or view a large catalogue of rustic furniture pieces, please contact Raised In A Barn today. 

Furniture Made Of Reclaimed Wood Is Eco-Friendly

Major furniture companies contribute to the continued global deforestation of our forests. Some of the largest furniture manufacturers will collect as much as 1% of all the wood in the world every year. By contrast, reclaimed wood comes from deconstructed old barns. Rustic furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of purchasing wooden furniture. 

The carbon footprint of reclaimed wood is drastically smaller. Reclaimed wood requires far less energy for production than compared to other materials including forest wood. 

Reclaimed Wood Is Durable 

Rustic furniture near Copper Mountain is made to last decades thanks to the strength and durability of reclaimed wood. Authentic rustic furniture is made with traditional carpenting techniques. These methods and techniques have been used for generations and produces furniture that is beautiful, unique, and built to last. 

Modern furniture companies use cheap, foreign materials to construct their furniture pieces. The poor materials will quickly degrade and you will most likely end up replacing the furniture within a couple years. By contrast, furniture constructed of reclaimed wood can last for decades and be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Rustic Furniture Is Unique

One of the reasons authentic rustic furniture has continued to be popular is its traditional ties to American craftsmanship. Each piece of rustic furniture is completely unique and handcrafted using traditional methods. The different appearances of the reclaimed wood produces beautiful and unforgettable designs. 

This is vastly different from the mass produced furniture pieces made by most furniture manufacturers. Furniture made by these manufacturers cannot compete with the uniqueness of rustic furniture.


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Rustic Furniture Copper Mountain



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