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Tips For Buying Rustic Furniture Steamboat Springs

As someone interested in buying rustic furniture near Steamboat Springs, finding the best store to buy from can be challenging. While there are also many online rustic furniture stores that exist, buying rustic furniture for sale online can feel intimidating since you can’t see it first.

Fortunately, there are a few useful tips to keep in mind that can make your choice easier. Knowing what to be aware of can help to ensure you wind up being satisfied with the rustic furniture items you purchase.

Read more about tips for buying rustic furniture. If you’re looking for rustic furniture near Steamboat Springs and wish to view a full collection of handmade rustic and barnwood furniture for sale, view our catalog or contact Raised in a Barn directly to discuss a custom furniture order.

Tips For Buying Rustic Furniture

The first thing buyers should be aware of is whether or not the rustic furniture is indeed genuine rustic furniture. Genuine barnwood and rustic furniture is handmade from reclaimed wood as opposed to plywood or altered new wood pieces. 

It’s not uncommon for furniture stores to try and pass off new furniture items as genuine rustic furniture. They do this by actually altering new furniture pieces by making distress marks themselves in an attempt to make the wood look more natural and distressed.

You should feel confident that any rustic furniture near Steamboat Springs you are considering is genuine. This means each furniture piece is handmade from actual reclaimed wood. Otherwise, the furniture you buy could be cheaply made and easily replicated, lowering both the item’s quality and value.

Of course, you should also find barnwood furniture or rustic furniture for sale that goes with your decor. One way to do this is to ask what type of stain is used on the furniture piece. Most authentic rustic furniture manufacturers will tell you so that you can buy the same color stain yourself and make sure it matches any wood furniture you have in your home.

Find Rustic Furniture Near Steamboat Springs

Raised in a Barn is proud to be the premier Colorado rustic furniture store. We make a large and diverse collection of genuine handmade barnwood and rustic furniture using reclaimed wood from old Colorado barns.

We skillfully handcraft each piece in a way that makes every single piece of furniture completely unique. Be sure to view our collection of rustic and barnwood furniture online to see some of the items we proudly make for our clients.

For custom furniture orders or to speak with a member of our team directly, contact us online or give us a call at 970-518-2883.

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Rustic Furniture Steamboat Springs


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