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If you’re looking for a rustic furniture store near Denver, you’re not alone. Rustic furniture and barnwood furniture for sale have both become more and more popular across a diverse variety of people and styles.

However, many people still wonder – “What is rustic furniture?”. Whether you are a professional decorator or simply a homeowner, it’s common to not have a full understanding of what rustic furniture is exactly.

The following article will examine some points in order to answer this question. If you’re ready to shop for items at a rustic furniture store near Denver or wish to view rustic furniture online, be sure to check out what we offer on Raised in a Barn.

What is Rustic Furniture?

Rustic furniture looks natural. 

Rustic furniture is natural and often reminds people of the outdoors. It generally represents the beauty of nature. Natural, wood finishes are most commonly used and glass and metal are not common materials since they appear more modern.

Natural shapes are used in rustic furniture designs. 

For instance, it’s not uncommon to see the base of a large, old tree trunk used as a table. Often, there is nothing done to it beyond sanding the top and applying a natural finish to enhance its color. The irregular shape, rough edges, and natural holes and cracks are all part of the charm.

Authentic rustic furniture is not mass-produced. 

Rustic furniture is made by talented and creative craftsmen using handcrafted skills. This is what makes these furniture pieces unique. This is one reason to check out a rustic furniture store near Denver. You may end up getting an item that is one-of-a-kind.

The rustic theme can be divided into several sub-themes.

Some of the rustic furniture subthemes include barnwood furniture, log cabin furniture, Mission rustic, Americana rustic, and Southwestern rustic, to name a few. This allows buyers to choose a theme that works best for the intended style and space.

Rustic furniture is naturally colored.

The colors used in most rustic furniture pieces are natural. This lets owners add warmth and style to their home and is perfect for just about any location. Decorating rustic furniture also comes in warm, natural colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, though there are no limitations for what owners can do.

Rustic Furniture Store Near Denver

Rustic furniture pieces are a great investment since they increase in value over time and give owners a completely unique piece. Once the furniture piece reached a certain age, it can actually be considered a valuable antique. 

Raised in a Barn is proud to help interested buyers find the perfect rustic furniture piece for their home, office, or wherever else. We design and handcraft rustic furniture of all kinds, including beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, and much more.

View our rustic furniture collection online or contact us to discuss creating a custom furniture order!

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Rustic Furniture Store Denver


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