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Authentic rustic furniture in Aspen can be difficult to find. Most local furniture stores only carry mass-produced furniture designed in a boardroom and put together in Southeast Asia.

This typical furniture can be found anywhere and lacks any of the quality, tradition, or uniqueness that rustic furniture has to offer. Most people are not aware of the differences between genuine rustic furniture and factory produced furniture.

Understanding what separates them will highlight why more people are choosing genuine rustic furniture over factory produced counterparts. The following article will highlight these differences and why you should consider genuine rustic furniture. 

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Tradition of Rustic Furniture

History and tradition are a deeply interwoven part of the American West and, in Colorado, it is no different. This rich frontier history extends into the art of crafting furniture.

Rustic furniture in Aspen is handcrafted using authentic material that creates a beautiful, rugged aesthetic. The frontier aesthetic has continued to delight people for generations all over the world. 

Genuine rustic furniture stores continue this tradition into the modern world. They use locally sourced materials to handcraft pieces of furniture as they have been down for hundreds of years.

The popularity of rustic furniture has been noticed by major furniture manufacturers all over the world. Unlike genuine rustic furniture, mass-produced furniture is designed to be quickly produced by machinery.

Each piece of furniture is exactly the same as the next and completely lacks any kind of character or uniqueness. The materials used are generally cheap and outsourced from foreign countries. 

Authentic Materials

In addition to the traditional carpentry techniques used in designing rustic furniture, the materials used are equally as important. As mentioned above, mass-produced furniture uses cheap materials including plastics to fabricate their furniture.

The cheap materials used will deteriorate over time. This is why most furniture has to be replaced only after a few years. Rustic furniture in Aspen is different because all the materials are locally sourced.

Typically, reclaimed barn wood is used to fabricate rustic furniture. The barn wood is inspected for its durability and then repurposed as a material in rustic furniture. This makes rustic furniture extremely durable and designed to last for generations. 

It has the added bonus of making truly unique furniture. No matter how many of the same rustic chairs are made, each one will be different. Little imperfections create an unforgettable look that cannot be replicated in a factory. 

Find Rustic Furniture Near Aspen CO 

Raised in a Barn is the best source for rustic furniture near Aspen. We are a local furniture store that produces handmade furniture pieces from genuine and repurposed barn wood collected from old barns that dot the countryside.

Contact Raised in a Barn to learn more about our custom furniture orders or call 970-518-2883 today to fully understand what sets us apart from just about every furniture store in the state. 

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Rustic Furniture Aspen


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