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Raised In A Barn, a Colorado Furniture Store creates unique handcrafted wood furniture in a variety of styles. Our beautiful rustic handcrafted wood furniture pieces are each custom and blend well with both modern and country-style offices and homes. Our idea to repurpose old barn wood for our beautiful pieces is one of the things that sets our unique wood furniture apart from our competitors. We are also extremely passionate about working with and giving back to the Colorado community and do so on a regular basis.

Rustic furniture is simply furniture using natural materials, mostly logs or sticks for an authentic natural look. The word itself, Rustic, is derived from Latin, meaning “of the wild”. The style is usually rooted in Romanticism. In the US, it’s almost always synonymous with the National Park Service’s rustic style of artistry. This kind of furniture dates back to before the 1800s.

In addition to the living room, rustic furniture can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. And because it’s so versatile, rustic hardwood furniture can fit into any environment. Because this style of furniture isn’t “standalone”, you can mix and match with other items. A basic rustic look can easily be transformed into a contemporary look with just a few accessories. This means that you can have a modern-looking piece in a cozy rustic look.

Rustic hardwood furniture usually has a natural brown color palette. Because this style borrows from the earthy tones found in nature, your furniture should ideally be a medium brown, with darker accents. If you want your rustic furniture to stand out, though, you can choose cushions and accent pillows in earthy shades like beige, chocolate brown, and camel. Fabrics in these earthy tones are very popular, including distressed and antique fabrics in natural colors.

For furniture that you could simply paint on, you’ll need natural rustic clays and stains. These colors will look even more authentic than the color palette you’ve chosen. Rustic wood furniture that is left unfinished will naturally shed unwanted oils from your skin, which dulls it over time. However, if you want to preserve the natural color palette of your pieces, you can use a sealer before painting or varnishing. This will prevent the onset of premature aging of your furniture.

Adding touches of natural earthiness requires that you choose appropriate items of decorative sculpture. Clay pots, plant pots and other natural objects can help break up textures. Use plants and animals to create texture in your rustic home by hanging baskets of green or yellow vegetables. In order to bring the outdoors in, place stone statues at specific points. You can also line the walls with rustic lamps or small tables and chairs to complete the feel of an outdoorsy abode.

Decorating a rustic home doesn’t require the use of expensive earth tones. Rustic furniture, with its emphasis on natural materials and animal prints, makes a great first impression. With simple and rustic decorating techniques, you can create the look you’ve always wanted in a new, more versatile way than the conventional styles offered by mass-market retailers.

Raised in a Barn believes in creating the best custom wood furniture that only you can find at our Colorado Furniture Store. With a focus on creating the best wood furniture that has lasted a lifetime and will last a lifetime more. If you are looking for a local Colorado Furniture store look no further than Raised in a Barn located right here in Greeley, Colorado. Visit our website to view our entire collection of rustic furniture built from old wood recovered from Colorado barns. Call 970-518-2883 to inquire about financing options or to make a custom order. For more information, read our blog and Contact Us.

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