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Searching for rustic furniture to remodel your home, office, apartment, loft, townhouse, or condo? There are plenty of furniture stores in Colorado, but none like ours. Raised In A Barn offers authentic, handcrafted, and one of a kind rustic barnwood furniture that not only acts as furniture – but also tells a story. Change and remodel any space with our stylish, traditional, and custom rustic furniture.

Colorado has a rich history of crafting unique furniture based on decades of tradition that we celebrate with every piece we make. Raised In A Barn has rustic furniture for every kind of room or space (from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and offices) that can truly give a new energy to any space.

Each authentically handcrafted piece of furniture tells a story that is both generations old and modern all at once. These pieces of American made history beats any of the typical furniture stores in Colorado. So, what makes our process and finished furniture we make so very special?

A Truly American Style

Natives and residents of Colorado are proud of their heritage and home state. The serene valleys between the Rocky Mountains and its natural beauty are unlike anywhere else in the United States. Colorado and the West are steeped in a rich frontier history. As such, the rustic and rugged furniture has intrigued and fascinated people throughout the years.

This generational interest in the Colorado aesthetic with its old, worn down barn wood and handcrafted furniture is what first inspired us to start Raised In A Barn. We collect and then refurbish this authentic, American-made barn wood to use later by creating truly unforgettable pieces of rustic furniture.

Instead of purchasing a cheap foreign knockoff (which has become common with interest in rustic furniture stores in Colorado increasing), why not furnish your home, office, or business with a true piece of the American history?

A Variety Of Styles To Choose From

Unlike other furniture stores in Colorado, Raised In A Barn’s furniture all comes from actual barn wood collected from old barns throughout the beautiful state. This makes each piece we create durable and able to be enjoyed for many years to come.

We create handcrafted pieces of furniture that can fit into any space. Our collections include something for every room: Some of the collections we carry include:

A Company With Integrity

Raised In A Barn would never be as successful as we are without giving back to our community. We are very proud to partner with local businesses like CSK’s Grill, a food truck in Greeley, and The Rock Found, a community reentry program that reduces the recidivism rate while giving recently released individuals a second chance. Contact us today to learn more about our unique and unforgettable, hand made pieces of furniture.

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Furniture Stores in Colorado

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