Handmade Furniture For Sale
Rustic Wood Furniture

Handmade Furniture For Sale

Are you looking for one of a kind handmade piece of furniture? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Raised in a Barn offers a large selection of handmade furniture for sale that you don’t see every day.

Handmade furniture has always remained popular across the United States and all over the world as it is pleasing in any room, and is filled with tradition and history. Whether it’s a handmade rustic dining table or a barn wood chair, handmade furniture brings a warm and positive energy into your home.

We make it easy for you to find what you are looking for by providing different categories of Handmade furniture sale online. Click on the links provided below to check out some our different categories of handmade furniture for sale.

Each piece of furniture at Raised in a Barn is handmade by our skilled craftsmen and are 100% USA-made. The wood is gathered from old Colorado Barns and designed to be durable and enjoyed for many generations to come. The recycled wood gives each piece of our handmade furniture a rare and unique look.

At Raised in a Barn we will help you find the perfect piece of handmade furniture. If nothing in our catalog is right for your home, don’t worry you can always request a custom piece of furniture.

We have a team of highly skilled craftsman who can create a piece of handmade rustic furniture for your home with the exact specification, wood type, and color you would like. Our team will be more than happy to do a custom piece of Handmade furniture for you.

Click here to check out our Custom Orders page for more information. If you are ready to start on your custom project email us at raisedinabarn@comcast.net.

Raised in a Barn is proud to have partnered with numerous businesses and community programs to make a positive impact in our community. Some of these companies include The Rock Found and CSK’s Grill. 

The Rock Found is a community program which gives people in need of work the opportunity to gain education, experience and employment skills. Click here to read more about The Rock Found. 

Visit our website and learn more about Raised in a Barn. Also, visit our blog page to read more articles about handmade rustic furniture. For more information about our handmade furniture for sale contact us online or call us at 970-518-2883 to get in touch with one of our team members at Raised in a Barn.

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Handmade Furniture For Sale



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