New Barnwood Furniture
Barnwood Furniture

New Barnwood Furniture

New barnwood furniture is simple, yet elegant. Barnwood tables are durable, yet unique. Barnwood beds are aged, yet timeless. Barnwood chairs, benches, and just about every other type of furniture have remained popular choices for centuries in just about every walk of life. You can find high-quality, old barnwood antiques in palaces around the world and new barnwood furniture in any town.

If it is time to add a piece of new barnwood furniture to your home or office, then check out our different featured items below. They are handcrafted from repurposed barnwood collected from old barns throughout the rural Colorado countryside. Our craftsman use woodworking techniques passed down from past generations and are each special, unique, and made to last.

Raised in a Barn’s New Barnwood Furniture Items

New Repurposed Barnwood Chairs

When you sit on a new repurposed barnwood chair, you are sitting on a piece of history. We only choose to repurpose the most beautiful and highest quality pieces of barn wood we carry. You can choose between three different wood options and pick chairs with or without arms.

  • Choose Style: Chairs With Arms / Chairs Without Arms (Captain’s Chairs)
  • Choose Style: Barn Wood / Red Wood / Beetle Kill Pine
  • Price: Call 970-518-2883 to Order (Based on Your Specific Dimensions)

New Barnwood FurnitureNew Barnwood Dining Tables

Eating on a barnwood dining table provides a comfortable and homely dining experience that can fit as many as 8 people. We build our barnwood tables with specifically durable repurposed barnwood found and reclaimed (from actual Colorado barns) for its unique, beautiful patterns.

  • Choose Size: 4’ / 4’ / 6’ / 7’ / 5’(wide) / 6’(wide) / 7’(wide)
  • Price: $900.00 – $1,400.00

New Barnwood FurnitureNew Barnwood Sitting Benches

Whether you want to enjoy looking at nature from your back porch, provide a place to sit in your hallway, or gift a new barnwood sitting bench to a family member, these will not disappoint. Only handcrafted using the highest quality repurposed barn wood available, reclaimed from real Colorado barns.

  • Choose Style: Barn Wood / Red Wood / Beetle Kill Pine
  • Price: $212.00-$396.44

New Barnwood Furniture

To view all of our new barnwood furniture items, visit our website. We have a Barn Wood Collection, Rustic Trim Collection, Beetle Kill Pine Collection, and even Custom Barnwood Furniture Orders to make sure the piece you love fits in the space you want it to. Visit any of the links provided to get view the collection you are interested in. Or call us at 970-518-2883 to ask us about any specific furniture piece you have fallen in love with.

You can read more about what we do at Raised in a Barn and find out more about us on our website. For additional questions or for a free quote via email, Contact Raised in a Barn.

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New Barnwood Furniture

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