Pine Beetle Wood Furniture

Pine Beetle Wood

The mountain pine beetle is a small species of beetle, not much larger than a grain of sand. Pine Beetle Wood is a harvested as a direct result from abandoned trees these beetles have lived in. They tend to inhabit multiple species of pine trees, including:

  • Ponderosa pine
  • Whitebark pine
  • Lodgepole pine
  • Scotch pine
  • Jack pine
  • Limber pine

Under normal circumstances, the pine beetle is a natural and even beneficial part of a pine forest’s ecosystem, usually only infesting old or diseased trees, clearing the way for younger and healthier pines to grow in their place. However, due to the uncharacteristically long summers and mild winters that have struck the region during the past few years, the pine beetle population has grown out of control, wreaking havoc on the pine tree population of North America. It is estimated that around 88 million acres of pine forests throughout the United States and Canada were recently decimated by the pine beetle outbreak, leaving thousands of dead trees in their wake. The pine beetle is devastating to pine tree populations due to a type of dark colored fungus that the beetle passes on to the trees. The fungus is what ultimately ends up killing The pine trees, leaving a distinctive blue tint on the affected wood, turning it into what is known as pine beetle wood. The fungal staining of the wood has only a cosmetic effect, leaving the wood just as strong and sturdy as it was before it was invaded by the pine beetles.

It is very important to remove the dead and dying trees from the affected forests, due to the risk of the beetles and their larvae spreading to the surrounding pine trees in the area, as well as the fire hazard that any type of dead, dry wood poses to the forest. Raised in a Barn collects the affected pine beetle wood in order to create, beautiful, unique pieces of furniture with a natural blue tint. Pine beetle wood is held in high regard by artisans and craftsmen across the globe due to its naturally wide array of colors. Pine beetle wood is almost never stained or artificially colored by woodworkers, as it is naturally beautiful and visually appealing.

All of our pine beetle wood comes from Colorado forests, and we make all of our furniture here in the USA. When you purchase pine beetle wood furniture from Raised in a Barn, you are helping to ensure that the forests that have been infested with the mountain pine beetles are being properly cleared of dead trees and that the wood is being repurposed instead of going to waste. Our pine beetle wood is sturdy, visually appealing and comes in a wide range of pre-made sizes, with custom sizes also available. Our furniture is made by skilled craftsmen who put their time and knowledge into creating pieces of furniture that are not only durable and long lasting but are also artistically designed. If you have any questions about our handmade furniture you would like us to answer, you can contact us via phone at 70-518-2883 or e-mail us at

Pine Beetle Wood

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