Rustic Wood Furniture

Handmade Rustic Furniture

Raised In a Barn provides handmade rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood. The wood is collected from old Colorado Barns that are to be torn down. Our team at Raised In a Barn Furniture expertly cuts the wood into usable pieces, we then sand the planks down to perfection and use the pieces to beautifully hand crafted pieces of furniture. We then add a protective coating to our finished product to better preserve the wood. Our handmade rustic furniture far exceeds the quality of today’s mass produced factory furniture. We are committed to creating and sharing the beauty and durability of our rustic furniture nationwide

Handmade rustic furniture is our company’s passion. Each piece of furniture is made from wood with character. They will have unique material sources and stories behind them. Raised In a Barn Furniture also produces quality Pine Beetle Furniture. Collecting the wood for this handmade rustic furniture helps decrease landfill waste and protects against deforestation all the while looking breathtaking. The quality of our handmade rustic furniture is hard to exceed; we stand proudly by our products and place forward honest efforts to helping reduce our environmental impact. The natural beauty and durability of Beetle Kill furniture is awe-inspiring; Raised In a Barn Furniture is proud to provide items made from Pine Beetle wood

Our handmade rustic furniture not only focusses on making pieces with elegant aesthetic quality but also ones that will withstand the test of time. We focus on providing high durability furniture that you will be proud to call an addition to your home. Forget thin scraps of compact wood pieced to together; Raised In a Barn Furniture works with quality, solid wood materials for our handmade rustic furniture. Reclaimed barn wood is some of the most durable wood you can find. Think about it this way: this wood was selected to efficiently house animals, tools, and property and protect them from the elements. Our handmade rustic furniture will endure any environment you place it in with ease.

Every piece of furniture we produce is given the proper care, time-investment, and attention it needs. We approach the harvesting of our wood as well as the craftsmanship of piecing it together as an art form. We complete our furniture pieces one at a time while giving a special touch of individuality to each. You can even contact our craftsmen at Raised In a Barn Furniture to coordinate a custom piece of furniture to your specifications. Some of our furniture includes:

Raised in a Barn Furniture can provide you with beautiful handcrafted rustic furniture. We are environmentally conscious and have partnered with The Rock Found. They are a dedicated non-profit organization creating effective reentry programs. They provide assistance for recently incarcerated individuals and help them integrate back to their community comfortably and with purpose. Contact Raised in Barn Furniture if you’d like to have any questions or custom product requests proficiently addressed.

Handmade Rustic Furniture


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