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Hand-crafted furniture is one of the best investments you can make for your home or business if you have been looking for high-quality pieces that will last for decades down the line. Raised in a Barn Furniture is a high-quality manufacturer of rustic furniture made by skilled artisans. If you have been looking to purchase handmade rustic furniture online then we can help. Raised in a Barn Furniture tears down old and unused Colorado barns in order to recycle the strong and durable wood that they are constructed from. The United States’ most common source of reclaimed lumber is unused and abandoned barns. Raised in a Barn recognizes the amazing and quality woods that were selected for the construction of the Colorado barns that we work with. Some of the materials that were typically used on the barns that we recycle materials from include:

Pine Timber
At Raised in a Barn Furniture we work to create beautiful furniture that is capable of withstanding the test of time. Our furniture is designed with longevity in mind. When you select our team of skilled workers at Raised in a Barn as your suppliers of rustic furniture online, you will receive a gorgeous hand crafted piece that will endure years of use. The aesthetics of our reclaimed wood furniture is one of the best parts about selecting hand made furniture from quality sources. The rustic furniture that our team at Raised in a Barn Furniture develops and distributes is unique and has a rich history behind it. Don’t settle for mass produced, cheaply made furniture from pressed woods and other flimsy materials. It’s a shame, but the truth of the matter is that most of the furniture being sold today isn’t made with longevity in mind.

Our company mission is to continue to create awe-inspiring wooden furniture while also minimizing environmental impact through the reduction of waste products. The barns that we select to recycle our wood from have served their original purpose and lay unused. Because they are no longer being maintained or used with time they would eventually result in deep dilapidation and unnecessary waste. We work out the logistic with the previous owner of the barns and proceed the process of reclaiming the wood. Once our workers have taken down the barn the lumber is collected and sawed into readily usable planks. Our skilled artisans then use these planks in order to work out the varied and unique furniture designs that we offer our customers.

We are the premier choice for rustic furniture online provision. At Raised in a Barn Furniture we can provide you with high-quality furniture and even create made-to order custom pieces for individuals with very particular tastes or needs. Contact us at Raised in a Barn Furniture today for any clarification about our rustic furniture online services or for assistance placing an order. We look forward to working with you.

Rustic Furniture Online

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