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Purchasing Barnwood Furniture Greeley

Purchasing a large item online, such as barnwood furniture in Greeley can be a little daunting at first. Usually, most people like to see the furniture they are going to purchase in person.

Sometimes local stores don’t carry the barnwood furniture piece you are looking for. Shopping for barnwood furniture online facilitates finding exactly what you need. 

Here are a few tips to help you when making your purchase of barnwood furniture. If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about rustic and barnwood furniture, contact Raised In A Barn.

Tips For Purchasing Barnwood Furniture

Product Descriptions

You should be aware of how some companies word their product descriptions. Some companies use the phrase “construct of woods and veneer”. Typically, this means one thing.

The majority of the product is made from cheap veneer as opposed to from solid wood. Furniture like this tends to wear out more easily and does not have a good value. 

When purchasing barnwood furniture in Greeley, make sure the item says that it is crafted from 100% solid wood. If the item has no description, you should email the company. 

A good rustic furniture company will have a representative get back to you within a reasonable amount of time to answer your questions.

Product Shipping

An important tip when purchasing rustic furniture online is to ask how the item is shipped. Large furniture pieces usually come on a pallet and require a lift gate to deliver. 

Also, check how your item will arrive and arrange a time of delivery. Smaller items may be shipped through ground services.

Rustic and barnwood furniture is made from a variety of woods including pine, mesquite, alder and more. Before you purchase a furniture piece, make sure to ask how the product has been finished. 

Generally, wood furniture will have a protective wax applied that will help prevent scratches. When purchasing a vanity, ask if it has a coat of polyurethane or another sealant to protect it from water damage.

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture In Greeley

Most authentic rustic furniture companies will craft pieces by hand. This allows you to alter the color and dimension. If you find an item you like it is helpful to ask if it can be altered. 

Custom, handcrafted furniture can make a great, personalized addition to any home or office. Raised In A Barn offers custom rustic and barnwood furniture in Greeley that is completely handmade. 

If you would like to browse our online selection of authentic barnwood furniture for sale, please visit Raised In A Barn today.

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Barnwood Furniture Greeley


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