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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Stores

If you’ve ever looked for reclaimed wood furniture stores, you probably know a lot only have a limited amount of different types of furniture available.  And even though reclaimed wood furniture is naturally beautiful and capable of transforming just about any style room, not all rooms are the same size.

Another common problem is finding reclaimed wood furniture online that is actually affordable. What makes us different from other reclaimed wood furniture stores is our in-stock variety, online availability, and custom reclaimed wood furniture services.

Raised in a Barn is a barn wood furniture store with a variety of beautiful, yet affordable furniture pieces. We have an extensive Online Catalog of reclaimed barn wood furniture and rustic furniture items for every room, style, and setting.

Whether you need a reclaimed wood table and chairs for your dining room or a barn wood bed with rustic trim patterns, you’ll find it here! We provide a variety of different furniture collections that include pieces suitable for all purposes.

Unlike many reclaimed wood furniture stores, another distinct trait we are proud to claim is that all of our different items are 100% made in the USA. The wood itself is salvaged from century-old Colorado barns found dilapidated and forgotten across the Rocky Mountain landscape.

This gives our reclaimed wood furniture a unique character that carries with it a story etched in American history. You can browse through all our different collections online and even choose from different sizes and styles according to your own preferences.

Some of the more popular items found in the Barnwood Furniture Collection include:

  • Reclaimed Wood Tables (Optional Sizes)
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Beds (Optional Sizes & Styles)
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Chairs (With Arms or Without Arms)
  • Reclaimed Wood Dressers (Optional Number of Drawers)
  • Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables (Optional Sizes & Styles)
  • Reclaimed Barn Wood Desks (Custom Options)

To look at even more reclaimed furniture for sale, be sure to Visit Our Online Store. There are items like cribs and bunk beds, and we even offer custom barn wood doors!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also offer custom reclaimed wood furniture! Simply fill out our custom furniture form with the dimension sizes and specifications and we’ll get back to you with a free estimate.

The next time you’re looking for reclaimed wood furniture stores online, be sure to keep Raised in a Barn in mind. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions about what we do, contact us anytime!

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Stores


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