Furniture From Reclaimed Wood
Barnwood Furniture

Furniture From Reclaimed Wood

What makes furniture from reclaimed wood so special is the fact that it has both eye-catching appeal and comes from environmentally friendly sources. Deforestation is a major problem across the planet, prompting many efforts to find creative ways to make furniture from reclaimed wood that is equal to or better in quality.

At Raised In A Barn, handcrafting barnwood furniture from reclaimed wood is what we do best. Our barnwood furniture is handcrafted using refurbished wood from old barns found in many rural areas throughout Colorado.

The old barns are often left abandoned, unattended to, and more than likely are completely forgotten. Using repurposed wood like this gives furniture from reclaimed wood a natural rustic aesthetic that brings a sense of comfort, warmth, and peace to any room it’s placed in.

Our hardworking carpenters handcraft pieces of barnwood furniture from reclaimed wood that are ideal for almost any residential or office setting. The wood itself is recovered and tested to ensure it is still structurally sound before being cut and shaped into fine pieces that command attention in a room.

Our Barnwood Furniture Collection consists of a plethora of different choices, which include:

  • Barnwood Beds (multiple sizes and styles)
  • Barnwood Benches
  • Barnwood Chairs (with or without arms)
  • Barnwood Dining Room Sets (multiple sizes and styles)
  • Barnwood Dressers (optional number of drawers)
  • Barnwood Tables (various sizes)
  • Barnwood TV Stands

Take a look at our entire collection of barn wood furniture for sale online or view our full catalog of furniture from reclaimed wood here: Raised In A Barn Furniture Catalog

We also provide custom wood furniture orders and are happy to give you a free quote for our custom furniture service. Just send us your specifications and dimensions, along with any other important details, and we will get back to you with a cost and time estimate.

If you’d like to learn more about how we make our furniture from reclaimed wood, fill out our contact form or call us at 970-518-2883!

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Furniture From Reclaimed Wood

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