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Know When Your Rustic Furniture Is Authentic

The traditional and romanticized aesthetic of the American West particularly Colorado is often copied but never truly duplicated. There are many furniture stores in Denver area and even internationally that offer “authentic” rustic furniture but just how true are those claims?

There are some important considerations to take into account when trying to purchase genuine rustic furniture. Unlike typical furniture store pieces, refurbished barn wood furniture are individual pieces of history and culture. That’s why it’s so important to know the difference.

Raised In A Barn is a local Colorado furniture store that designs, builds, and sells genuine rustic furniture at affordable prices. If you’re looking for genuine Colorado rustic furniture in a number of designs and traditional styles then look no further.

Continue reading to learn what sets our handmade barnwood furniture apart from typical furniture store fare.

Where Do The Materials Come From?

The appeal of traditional Colorado rustic furniture starts with the wood used to construct the pieces. Colorado-style, log cabin furniture is sought after not only for the unique designs but also the feeling of the authentic barnwood against your fingers that inspires comfort and a true sense of American history.

Genuine furniture stores in Denver area use actual, aged wood collected from old Colorado barns and then professionally refurbished. The popularity of handmade barnwood furniture at home and abroad has been noticed by copycats.

Their furniture pieces are virtually never constructed from authentic Colorado barn wood and instead, they opt to use cheap materials. Sometimes, these copycat pieces will not even use actual wood but man-made materials missing the passionate tradition and care that authentic furniture stores in Denver area practice.

How Are The Furniture Pieces Made?

In Colorado, we have a proud tradition of carpentry and woodwork that extends to the earliest pioneers of the West. These frontiersman used techniques built upon generations to create truly beautiful handmade barnwood furniture that can be enjoyed for years and generations to come.

At Raised In A Barn, our furniture is made by experienced woodworkers and carpenters using traditional techniques to design and make genuine rustic furniture that can fit in any space. The hands-on approach to designing and building these pieces is almost always missing from false and copycat rustic furniture.

What makes this traditional carpentry so special is the time, dedication, and attention to detail it takes to make each individual piece of furniture. Typical furniture companies will almost always use heavy machinery to pump out hundreds of the same pieces lacking any originality or uniqueness.

One furniture piece will be exactly the same as every other manufactured. Obviously, this completely misses the point of American handmade rustic furniture and what truly makes it special.

Raised In A Barn: About Us

There are many furniture stores in Denver area but here at Raised In A Barn, we pride ourselves in making the very best handmade barnwood furniture in Colorado. Every one of our pieces is handmade from refurbished and authentic barnwood furniture.

Our success has led us to partner with local businesses like CSK’s Grill and programs like The Rock Found to make a real difference in our community. Contact us today to learn how we can decorate any room or space you desire.

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