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Growing Up And Giving Back

Somehow, only a select few furniture stores in Denver CO area carry authentic Colorado barnwood furniture for sale made from genuine barn wood. So, what are the differences between the stores with genuine barn wood furniture for sale and other barnwood furniture stores in the Denver area?

Keep reading to discover what makes the aesthetically pleasing and timelessly appealing rustic wood furniture style so popular. Or go and explore the Raised In A Barn website to view all our various refurbished barn wood furniture collections and rustic furniture items online.

The Source Of The Materials

Barnwood furniture made from genuinely repurposed barn wood is, in fact, a rare find among furniture stores in Colorado. The reason behind this is mostly due to the low costs of wood materials from non-domestic sources.

Most people looking for furniture designed and manufactured in this particular style do so because they love the natural appeal of having a piece of Colorado history decorating their home or office. Similarly, rustic style furniture items bring a sort of simplicity to even the most modern interior decoration techniques.

At Raised In A Barn, it is our belief that the only real way to claim genuinely repurposed barnwood furniture for sale is to use real barn wood collected from old, forgotten barn houses. This is why we choose to do exactly that and why our customers continue to fall in love with the pieces every time they see our furniture in the rooms of their home.

Growing Up And Giving Back

Unlike the many furniture stores in Denver CO area that seem to come and go as quickly as the changing seasons, Raised In A Barn has become a trusted staple in the Colorado community. Over the years, our success in making beautifully constructed, 100% American furniture from actual repurposed barn wood has given us the opportunity to fully realize our founder’s original intention.

Giving back to the community that we so gratefully depend on has been an important staple built into the very mission our business was built upon. That is why we partner with inspirational programs like The Rock Found along with other local businesses like CSK’s Grill to help give work to members of our community in need.

Be sure to browse through the various furniture collections we have listed online to get a better view of the furniture items we carry. To learn more about what sets Raised In A Barn apart from all other furniture stores in Denver CO area, contact a member of our team.  

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Furniture Stores In Denver CO Area


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