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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Online

Searching for beautiful reclaimed wood furniture online that is carefully cultivated? Here at Raised in a Barn, we craft handmade reclaimed wood furniture out of wood initially from barns that have greatly served their purpose and are designated to be brought down. Our quality products are made to last and sturdy, and their rustic charm is amazing for any household. Our online store is full of one-of-a-kind creations created by our skilled artisans to promise that each piece is its own separate work of art. Raised in a Barn also works with custom orders, allowing you to have the piece of furniture of your dreams carefully hand-crafted out of amazing reclaimed barnwood.

Reclaimed wood furniture has become a popular option over the past few years. In an age of plastic, chrome, and other man-made materials, it is hard to ignore the natural beauty found in wood. Wood is also long-lasting as well as extremely beautiful. Reclaimed wood furniture comes from old barns, mills, warehouses, and more. It can be any type of wood from the pine tree to the heart pine that has been cut down and used in a home or office setting. There are many different types of wood available for making beautiful furniture, but for many, nothing compares to the smooth character found in reclaimed wood.

Using reclaimed old-growth wood carries many benefits for the buyer. For many people, having old-growth wood in their home or office adds a touch of romance and charm to their environment. For others, it is the environmental conservation factor that makes them their number one alternative. Still, others choose old-growth wood because of its strength and durability. Whatever the reason may be, there is no disputing that every piece of wood furniture created from old-growth wood possesses a unique beauty and character that can’t be duplicated with new-growth wood.

Another benefit of buying old-growth reclaimed wood is the diversity found in every piece. Not every piece of wood furniture, you run across is made from the same kind of timber. While each type of wood is different, each grain in each board is unique. The uniqueness of each piece helps provide personality and character to each piece and allows craftsmen to produce only the best pieces every time. With so much variety from the different trees and woods grown each year, there is bound to be at least one variety of wood available to meet buyer’s unique requirements.

The benefits of purchasing old-growth hardwood over virgin wood also extend to the fact that each unit is more resistant to weathering and decay. Old-growth lumber is more weather resistant because it hasn’t been exposed to the harsh outdoor elements like new-growth timber has. It is also a little more resilient, so it can take a few decades before the lumber begins to show signs of rot or splintering. This is not to say that new-growth hardwood flooring doesn’t have these same benefits. But, with older reclaimed lumber, homeowners and craftsmen will find a greater resiliency to the elements and therefore a longer life span.

One of the most popular uses of reclaimed wood is creating stunning floor designs. With so many kinds of wood available, there is something for every taste and style. Old-growth hardwood floors are also available in the form of paneled, surface printed, and custom carved boards. While each kind of wood has its own unique look, using reclaimed wood in interior design creates a warm ambiance that can’t be achieved by using virgin wood.

One big advantage to using reclaimed lumber is cost. Hardwood floors are more expensive than their comparable counterparts. However, the reclaimed lumber has a much longer useful life span than virgin wood and therefore costs less per year to buy. When you factor in the fact that you can buy all-weather hardwood flooring, you end up saving yourself thousands of dollars over the life of the product. Reclaimed wood furniture can be used for all of your home’s furnishings, including floors and cabinets, and can be the most practical choice you can make for your home.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our reclaimed wood furniture online, or if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please contact us today.

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