Repurposed Wood Furniture
Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Repurposed Wood Furniture

Raised in a Barn is a company that is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly options for high-quality solid wood furniture. We take wood that would otherwise go to waste and turn it into beautiful, sturdy repurposed wood furniture. All of our furniture items are handmade by our skilled artisans, who carefully refurbish the wood if needed before crafting it into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The materials that we use in the creation of our furniture are mainly sourced from old barns that have designated to be torn down as well as pine trees which have been infested by the mountain pine beetle. The reclaimed wood furniture we create out of recycled barn wood has a unique, rustic quality that will suit any style of home or business. Due to the rich history of reclaimed barn wood, each piece of wood has its own unique character, and no one piece of furniture created from barn wood is quite like any other piece.  Some of our barn wood furniture available for sale on our website include:

  • barn wood coffee tables
  • barn wood dining tables
  • barn wood pub tables
  • barn wood benches
  • barn wood bathroom vanities

Our blue pine wood furniture is crafted out of wood harvested from pine trees that were killed by a blue pine beetle infestation. Mountain pine beetles carry microscopic fungi that are transferred to the trees by the beetles during infestation. The wood is in no way weakened by the beetles, and the wood itself is clean and uncontaminated. The fungus itself is killed off during the drying process the wood goes through, leaving nothing but the gorgeous natural stains behind. The stains of blue pine wood vary in color from a light gray to a rich bluish color and are one of the most unique and distinctive wood stains that can be found in nature. Some of our blue pine wood products include:

  • blue pine wood plank beds
  • blue pine wood kitchen tables
  • blue pine wood chests
  • blue pine wood nightstands
  • blue pine wood dressers

All of our furniture is made with both the environment and our customers in mind. Millions of trees are cut down each year for commercial purposes, and we take pride in the small part that we play in reducing those numbers. Our extremely talented staff has the ability to make any piece of our furniture in a size suitable for your home or business. If you have an idea in mind that you can’t find on our online store, our craftsmen can also create custom furniture to your specifications. If you are interested in purchasing any of our handmade wood furniture, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please feel free to contact us today.

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