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Do you notice whenever you are driving along I-70 heading through the high country to visit  Vail, after a while, you happen to notice that along the road there seems to have been a massive fire because of all the dead pines covering all of the mountains?  However, upon closer inspection, you notice the trees aren’t charred like normal; instead they are simply dead.  Thanks to the Mountain Pine Beetle, if you have recently visited the high country it becomes quite apparent that it has devastated many of Colorado’s once majestic pine forests. We here at Raised In A Barn Furniture have decided to do something about this by creating the most environmentally friendly furniture Boulder has to offer.  Our master carpenters take the wood that has been affected by the beetles and create beautiful rustic furniture reminiscent of the same furniture Boulder had in the days when it was first founded by the first hardy gold miners who came to make their fortunes in the goldmines of the Red Rocks near the entrance to Boulder Canyon.

The Mountain Pine Beetle is native to the forests of North America and is identifiable by its distinct black exoskeleton and it is around the size of a grain of rice measuring 5 mm.  Mountain Pine Beetles don’t affect the strength of the wood itself, the pine tree actually remains commercial quality for several years after the tree has died. The way in which the Mountain Pine Beetle kills the pine tree is by going underneath the bark and laying its eggs.  What happens next is the beetles cause the tree to shut off its defenses from other beetles by releasing blue stain fungus into the sapwood.  What really kills the pine trees though is the fact the fungus cuts off the flow of nutrients and water from the roots of the tree to the trunk and branches.   Due to the Mountain Pine Beetle, there are literally hundreds of thousands of areas worth of dead pine trees across the entire state which has become a major contributor to the massive fires that have recently ravaged Colorado.

Our special Beetle Kill Pine Collection is the highest quality of Colorado pine tree furniture Boulder has to offer, the collection includes:

  • Beetle Kill Kitchen Table
  • Beetle Kill Pine Dressers
  • Foot Of The Bed Trunk
  • Plank Beds

In addition to our efforts to help protect Colorado’s world-class wilderness from the adverse effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle, our core mission here at Raised In A Barn Furniture as our name implies is to help save the environment by using reclaimed wood from barns that we choose to recycle from across the state of Colorado.  Our world-class master artisans craft the reclaimed wood into our famous rustic reclaimed barn wood furniture.  Some of our Barn Wood Collection includes:

  • Barn Wood Coffee Table
  • Custom Build Barn Wood Doors
  • Barn Wood Chairs
  • Custom Barn Wood Desk
  • Barn Wood Chest

If you have been looking for high-end pieces of environmentally friendly furniture we’ve got you covered.  Our rustic barn wood furniture Boulder is handcrafted by our master craftsmen and will last for generations.  Raised in a Barn Furniture also helps Colorado by partnering with  The Rock Found,  an organization that helps reintegrate inmates into society by providing job training   Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our products or services.

Furniture Boulder


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