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If you are looking for handmade furniture in Denver, Colorado, Raised in a Barn is the place to go. Raised in a Barn collects reclaimed wood for its handmade furniture in Denver, from sturdy Colorado barns which are torn down to be repurposed. We collect durable, well-preserved pieces of barn wood from local sources to create our unique barn wood furniture, and our skilled artisans craft it right here in the United States. Even if you’re not in or around Colorado, we can ship your furniture straight to your door. You’ll love Raised in a Barn’s furniture because, among other things, it is:

handmade by skilled craftsmen
made in the USA
environmentally friendly
sturdy and long lasting
artistically designed
Barns that were built throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century were generally constructed using the wood from trees in the surrounding property. Some of the most common kinds of trees found throughout Colorado are species of pine trees, including:

limber pine
lodgepole pine
ponderosa pine
pinon pine
All of our wood is locally harvested from environmentally friendly sources. Other than barn wood, our workers at Raised in a Barn also use beetle kill pine wood to create our furniture.The benefit of constructing furniture with pine wood is that it is sturdy yet pliable, unlike most types of hardwood, which tend to be very rigid. Well constructed pine wood furniture can last for decades with the correct care, and the malleability of the wood means that our artisans have much more freedom to create unique designs with their furniture. Our beetle-kill pine wood furniture also has a beautiful and naturally created blue tint that gives it a unique, visually appealing look.

All of our furniture is made in America. Why is it important to purchase furniture that was made in the USA? Not only does it help to stimulate the economy and create jobs for American citizens, but it is also more environmentally friendly, and it guarantees that you are getting a quality product made in an ethical way. There is no way for companies to regulate the labor laws of other countries, so when you purchase furniture from companies that source their labor to other countries you are taking the chance of spending your money on the support of sweatshops that may mistreat and underpay their employees. Raised in a Barn takes a far more ethical approach with the source of its labor, hiring skilled American Woodworkers, many of whom are hired with the help of the non-profit re entry program The Rock Fund, which assists formerly incarcerated individuals in safely and purposefully re enter the work force. Many companies today choose to outsource their labor, very rarely turning to the United States; the quality and durability of their products generally tend to decline after leaving the U.S. We gather our materials and build our furniture in Denver, Colorado, so you can be assured that our products meet all of the standards you look for when purchasing furniture. Contact us today if you are interested in purchasing hand crafted furniture from Raised in a Barn.

Furniture in Denver

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