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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Rustic Furniture

Buying rustic furniture is the best choice in home decor for anyone who loves nature. These are generally the sort of people who appreciate the idea of having a piece of nature in their home. Simple and comforting, rustic furniture brings with it a comforting atmosphere. Since the lines in wood are naturally unique, no two pieces of rustic furniture are exactly alike.

Rustic style pieces can be designed rough and jagged, smooth and straight, or even a combination of both. Durability is one of its greatest advantages, though, as rustic wood furniture is built using timeless woodworking techniques centuries old using one of the hardest natural materials around. Most importantly, it can fit almost anywhere – the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, porch, or even as a counterpart to supplement more modern furniture pieces.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Rustic Furniture

Design Style

As with most things, new and changing trends affect the way furniture is designed. Though old rustic furniture items are treasured for their classic look, new pieces are often influenced by what is popular in current times.

For example, geometric patterns and lines have been a hugely popular trend seen in just about every medium of craft making around. Similarly, classic log cabin furniture is still one of the highest sought design styles around. Consider if having tin or another rustic metal piece on the wood would help add to the decor in your room.

Wood Type

The appeal for buying rustic furniture is its timeless, homely presence. It has stood the test of time and will continue to be desired long into the future. The straight lines and natural curves should complement the lines in your room.

Many pieces are available in different wood types. The easiest way to choose is to pick the color you prefer. The most common wood types are blue pine (Beetle Kill), barn wood, and redwood pine. Consider repurposed wood to achieve a 100% authentic look.


It is natural for a piece of rustic furniture to be the talking point of a room. However, that doesn’t mean it has to take up more space than any other furniture items. In other words, no one likes a crowded room.

Measure your room and decide what your preferred dimensions are. Don’t exceed those numbers. If you are having trouble finding a piece that fits, consider a custom rustic furniture order instead.

Tip: Find a piece of unique rustic wood furniture that tells a story.

Shop for rustic furniture online or contact Raised in a Barn if you need further assistance.

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Buying Rustic Furniture


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