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What Makes Rustic Furniture So Appealing?

In our high tech contemporary world many are seeking an escape by decorating their homes with Colorado rustic furniture. Decorating your home with authentic bedroom sets, dining tables, chairs, and cabinet pieces can make a serene space out of any room. But what really makes these authentic pieces of Colorado rustic furniture so special?

A History of Tradition

The West has been producing beautiful pieces of furniture for generations. Decades of established artisan techniques make each piece feel like an authentic piece of history. These one of a kind pieces have filled the homes of countless enthusiasts. In recent decades, the opportunity to own authentic Colorado rustic furniture has increased its appeal with a new generation who appreciate this deep tradition.

The Highest Quality

Like the aged barns from which the wood is collected and reprocessed, rustic furniture is hardy and durable. The multitude of unique and custom pieces can fit perfectly in any room. Want to bring out a truly authentic and rustic look in a den or living room? What about a dining room or even smaller decorations? Colorado rustic furniture goes well in any home or office. The rich history of artisanship and woodwork are deeply seeded in Colorado. Every piece of furniture is a piece of history.

A Beautiful Aesthetic

As with all furniture designs, trends and styles change with time. Rustic furniture is no different and the wide array of options from wood type to the size dimensions. Even the age of the wood can drastically change the style and aesthetic of any piece. This gives each handmade piece unique and provides a vast array of options, colors, designs, and styles fit for any space.

Authentic and American Made

The popularity of Colorado rustic furniture has led to many cheap substitutes and foreign-made pieces. When purchasing these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, it is important to seek out authentic, American made furniture. This true Colorado aesthetic style can only be best represented by a reputable and local craftsman. This rugged and truly American style has brought joy to generations around the globe. Only the highest quality should do.

About Us, the Craftsmen

Here at Raised in a Barn; we are a Colorado-based company producing the highest quality Colorado rustic furniture. Seeking out authentic aged barn wood from the countryside; our craftsmen create truly unique pieces that fit into any space. From custom dimensions to choosing the right materials we can help you every step of the way.

Raised in a Barn is a local, well-established company employing native carpenters and designers to produce truly one of a kind pieces of furniture. One important aspect of being a reputable local business for us is giving back to our local community. We partner with The Rock Found, community reentry program, and contribute to many local businesses to strengthen our community. Allowing us to reach the successful position we enjoy.

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Colorado Rustic Furniture


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