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What Makes Rustic Furniture Authentic?

There are only a handful of truly authentic rustic furniture stores in Fort Collins that understand the appeal these pieces inspire. What sets these stores and their rustic furniture apart from big box retailers and online rustic furniture websites?

Rustic barnwood furniture is a particular art that draws from the carpentry traditions of the American West. Below is how you can properly tell authentic rustic barnwood furniture apart from cheap and often foreign-made knockoffs.

The Materials

Any of the very few authentic rustic furniture stores in Fort Collins knows that true rustic wood furniture is made from genuine repurposed wood. The Colorado countryside is home to aging barns which is the source of the wood used in our rustic barnwood furniture.

By contrast, most online furniture stores and retail stores selling cheap copies use manufactured materials. These poorly made copies will not survive the generations that true rustic furniture can.

The Craftsmanship

Rustic furniture stores in Fort Collins know that what makes these furniture pieces so special is the unique nature of every individually made piece. Genuine barn wood furniture is handmade based on craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations.

Cheap knockoffs are always mass produced in huge factories that rarely use actual wood. Authentic barnwood furniture stores use traditional woodworking and carpentry techniques to produce unique pieces.

Each piece takes careful time, dedication, and attention to detail that ensures you and your family can enjoy and use them for decades to come. Major furniture retailers simply lack the patience, understanding, or knowledge to understand this and it shows in their unauthentic furniture pieces.

Raised In A Barn: About Us

When it comes to rustic furniture stores in Fort Collins none can come close to the passion, craftsmanship, and dedication that describes Raised In A Barn. We are proud of each individual piece we hand make.

Every one of our rustic furniture and barnwood furniture pieces is made from authentic Colorado barn wood we refurbish and use to craft our pieces. At Raised In A Barn we believe our work and success speaks for itself.

This success has allowed us to give back to the community. We are partnered with businesses like CSK’s Grill and community reentry programs like The Rock Found that reduce recidivism rates. With success comes a responsibility and are proud to answer that call.

Contact us today to learn how we can help furnish any room in your house or office with genuine rustic furniture pieces filled with history. No matter the space or room we can help you choose the best rustic furniture to fit.

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Rustic Furniture Stores In Fort Collins


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