Old Barn Wood Furniture
Barnwood Furniture

Old Barn Wood Furniture

Old barn wood furniture is timeless and dependable, stylish and homely. That is probably one of the primary reasons you can find different styles of barnwood furniture in any size room. So we asked ourselves “What makes certain old barn wood furniture items more desirable than others? How can we make our old barn wood furniture genuine and durable?” Once we thought about it, it was obvious. The answer was staring at us the whole time, BARNWOOD. Thus, Raised in a Barn was formed.

Old Barn Wood Furniture | A Piece of History

Raised in a Barn decided that the most important part of every old barn wood furniture piece is what it is made of. How it is crafted, what it looks like, or what room it was made for means absolutely nothing if it isn’t built to last. So we decided to get our wood from old barns along the Colorado mountains, valleys, and countryside. The wood we collect from the barns that, after all of these years, are still standing, is given new life.

Every one of those barns has a unique story to tell. Tales of Colorado’s original frontier and the pioneers brave enough to explore it. Tales of families that moved out west to settle this beautiful, picturesque landscape. Then, we share that history and keep the story going by relocating that same wood into old barn wood furniture for sale.

With our repurposed wood, we find the best pieces that fit together and then begin the process of handcrafting furniture. We use the same methods that have been passed down for generations. And by selectively choosing every piece of wood, designing every inch so that it fits together, we craft classic barnwood furniture pieces that can never be duplicated and are built to last.

Old Barn Wood Furniture | Collections

Our barn wood furniture products come in different collections. This allows us to make items suitable for any room, office, and style. Looking for a barn wood table, reclaimed wood bookcase, or a rustic bed for your bedroom? We offer that and more! Check out each individual collection that our items are separated into below:

If you happen to come across an old barn wood furniture piece you love, but aren’t sure if it will fit into your room, let us know! Our custom handcrafted furniture is one of our most popular services. For more information, visit our Custom Orders page.

Old Barn Wood Furniture | About Us

Raised in a Barn is located in Greeley, CO. We partner with other local businesses, like CSK’s Grill, to make a difference in our community. Members from The Rock Found, a community entry program, are offered job training and employment opportunities with us. Our hope is to continue to give back to the community that continues to support us. Be sure to read more articles from us here. And call us at 970-518-2883 or Contact Us to discuss financing or to receive a free estimate!

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