Salvaged Wood Furniture
Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Salvaged Wood Furniture

Colorado has a long proud history of farming and ranching dating back to when the state was first settled by the hardy homesteaders and cattlemen of the frontier days. This becomes evident by the countless barns that dot across the entire state from the Great Plains in the eastern part of the state to the majestic Rockies of the Western Slope.  Raised In A Barn is a Colorado proud company that tears down these old barns and reuses the wood to create the highest quality of salvaged wood furniture available on both sides of the Rockies. The salvaged wood furniture is handmade by Raised In A Barn’s master carpenters whose years of experience ensure your salvaged wood furniture is built to last like the barns from which they were made.  

The reason why there so many barns are not in use is due to the fact there simply isn’t as many farmers as there used to be.  During the early 1900s farmers made up 38% of the total workforce; in comparison, today farmers make less than 1.5% of the total labor force.  The barns built were constructed by homestead farmers who built their barns to last for generations. The barns have done just that and have outlasted the families and their descendants that originally built them. Now they stand as tributes to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the rugged pioneers who built them. Raised In A Barn is dedicated to giving new life to these barns and to help preserve the legacy of the men and women who bravely settled the frontiers and built America. Thus every piece of salvaged wood furniture has a proud and unique story that is apart of the overall story of the American experience.

Raised In A Barn has an entire Barn Wood Collection that offers a plethora of different pieces of salvaged wood furniture.  Every single piece of salvaged wood furniture in our Barn Wood Collection, besides being beautifully handmade American furniture, is a piece of American history. Here are a few of the different pieces of salvaged wood furniture in our Barn Wood Collection:

Raised In A Barn is doing our part to help preserve the environment so future generations can enjoy the amazing wilderness that Colorado is known across the world for.  We have done this by not only creating high-quality furniture from reused barn wood but also making furniture from the wood of Colorado pines that have been killed by the Pine Beetle.  Raised In A Barn has the Beetle Kill Pine Collection that is committed to reusing the pines killed by Pine Beetle. Thus we strive to save trees from being needlessly cut down by reusing wood to build high quality salvaged wood furniture. If you are looking for high-quality American made furniture that is also environmentally friendly we have you covered. Feel free to call us at 970-518-2883 or shoot us a message on our Contact Us page. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Salvaged Wood Furniture


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