Reclaimed Wood Bookcase
Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Raised in a Barn is a Colorado based company that provides handmade rustic furniture made from reclaimed and environmentally friendly wood sources. We are committed to providing high-quality furniture that has the durability and beauty of furniture like it was originally made. In today’s world of mass production, we have moved away from products that are really made to last, and Raised in a Barn Furniture aims to bring back the days of longevity with our premier products. You can find a multitude of great products for your home or office in our collection of handmade furniture. Whether you’re looking for something general for the bedroom or a more specific product such a custom reclaimed wood bookcase our team of expert artisans can meet your specifications.

If you have a collection of books you love then you probably want to house them in style like a true bibliophile. Raised in a Barn Furniture can provide your home or business with a stunning reclaimed wood bookcase to protect your library and display it in a manner pleasing to the aesthetics of wherever you decide to place it. Our experienced craftsmen love making these products because of the satisfaction it brings to our clients once they have been received. All of our furniture is made right here in the United States, so when you buy from us you know you are helping support local business.

We have the ability to customize any piece of furniture to meet your demands and expectations whatever they may be. You can rest assured that no matter what piece you select it will have its personal set of character and individuality as does any handcrafted product. At Raised in a Barn Furniture we have a passion for artistry and beauty. Our standards for quality have helped us reach the level of success and industry respect that we hold today.

Raised in a Barn Furniture collects wood from old, to be torn down barns Colorado. The process of making our furniture begins by locating these old Colorado Barns, we then pull them down in order to recycle the wood. Our skilled workers expertly saw the wood into readily usable planks which are then sanded to restore the original beauty of the pieces. We use these restored planks to piece together our handcrafted furniture designs. Besides the beauty of our reclaimed wood bookcase designs, we offer a multitude of other furniture choices to select from as well such as:

Raised in a Barn Furniture is committed to providing our customers with hand-made, wooden furniture of the highest quality that also helps our environment through the reuse of materials creating a significant reduction in waste. We want to provide our customers with furniture that will last them a lifetime and beyond, while also creating awareness for the importance of striving to be ecologically friendly. Contact us today for further product information or to discuss a piece that you would like to be customized for your home or office. Raised in a Barn Furniture is always happy to address any inquiries you have about our business. Visit us on Facebook here: Raised in a Barn

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase


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