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Vail Furniture

Furniture is an extremely crucial part of a home. A home without furniture isn’t really a home. Furniture should go along with the house. If you have a home that’s in the mountains of Vail, CO then you need Vail Furniture! What do I mean by Vail Furniture? I mean furniture that matches with the mountains and the woods around it. Raised in a Barn creates beautiful modern rustic furniture that is the perfect definition of Vail Furniture!

Vail Furniture

So how does Raised in a Barn make their furniture? Well, it all starts out with a barn. An old barn that hasn’t been used for years. We take down that barn and use all of the wood that would otherwise be simply thrown away. These sturdy pieces of wood were made to withstand the elements for hundreds of years, so you know this is quality wood. Then we clean it and make whatever furniture you can imagine! Since most of our pieces are custom, we can make them to the specific needs of our customers.

Can you imagine sitting around a warm fire, looking out into the mountains while sitting on this handmade rustic wooden bench? A wooden bench that was made right here in the U.S. out of American Wood. The story and character that each piece of wood is absolutely breathtaking. Some of the barns can be up to hundreds of years old, this gives the final product a patina that can’t be re-created by a robot in China. The love and care in these pieces are augmented and honed by the master artisan creating each piece. Some of the products we sell are

The Raised in a Barn Difference

Here at Raised in a Barn, we’re not your normal company. We work with The Rock Foundation to assist in the re-entry of the formerly incarcerated into the community. Giving them a job and teaching them a craft is the perfect way to help them to change their lives. We’re extremely proud to say that all of our products are 100% MADE IN THE USA and made 100% BY HAND! There is extreme care and detail in each and every single product that comes out of our workshop. Find us on Facebook at Raised in a Barn.

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