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Raised in a Barn is a Denver furniture company that is dedicated to bringing our customers top-of-the-line handcrafted furniture created out of reclaimed wood that our professional staff personally refurbishes to ensure that each piece of furniture that we make is of superior quality and craftsmanship. Our Denver furniture company gives us access to old Colorado barns that have been selected for demolition. We send our team to these barns to tear the old barns down and collect the wooden boards left behind. From there, our skilled woodworkers remove any old nails that have been left behind cut the wood into appropriate lengths and sizes and sand the wood until it is smooth. This is when our team of artisans can create our beautiful handmade wood furniture to your exact specifications. Barn wood has already been carefully selected and cured to withstand the harsh elements when the barns are originally built, but Raised in a Barn likes to take things a step further to ensure that our customers are receiving premium products and finish off each piece of furniture with a protective coating to ensure that it is in top condition when it is sent to you. Raised in a Barn provides fast delivery straight to your door, and we can even help install it for you. We ship around the globe, and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer easy and hassle-free returns. Our Denver furniture company offers many unique pieces of furniture for you to browse through on our comprehensively displayed online store, with collections including:

  • Barn wood collections, which includes furniture such as pub tables, benches, coat racks, and mirrors, all hand crafted out of reclaimed barn wood
  • Beetle kill pine collections, which includes kitchen tables, chests, and dressers. Each piece of our beetle kill pine furniture has its own unique patterns and coloration, making each one a one of a kind work of art
  • Living room collection, with furniture like our beautiful tv cabinet, our barn wood coffee table, and our barn wood sofa table with drawers
  • Dining room collection, with items such as serving boards, handmade signs, round tables, and chairs
  • Rustic trim collection, which includes furniture items such as our signature rustic trim canopy bed, our rustic trim dressers, and our rustic trim bunk beds
  • Office décor, with options such as counter and wall remodeling, as well as custom office designs
  • Bedroom collection, with furniture like our barn wood chest, our tenon beds, and our foot of the bed trunks.

Our Denver furniture company is proud to bring our customers an ecologically friendly option for high-end solid wood furniture, crafted from the finest reclaimed materials to bring you one of a kind creations without the need to harvest living trees. Our furniture has a unique aesthetic due to the age and source of the wood we use, giving it a beautiful rustic charm that simply cannot be reproduced by newly cut wood. Just by looking at a piece of Raised in a Barn’s furniture, people can tell that the wood it has been built with has an interesting and remarkable background. If you are interested in purchasing any furniture from Raised in a barn, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Denver Furniture Company

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