Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018
Barnwood Furniture

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018

There is a place for a piece of handcrafted barnwood furniture in every room. Something about is rural appearance gives off a homely aura that makes it suitable for every interior design style. What makes our handcrafted barnwood furniture pieces different from others is not only the amount of skill that goes into every piece but the story that every piece of wood we use carries with it. All of our barnwood is refurbished from old, dilapidated barns that are scattered across the expansive Colorado landscape. Continue reading if you are interested in finding the highest quality handcrafted barnwood furniture 2018 has available. Visit our website for more information about who we are and what we do by clicking the link provided here: Raised in a Barn.

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018 | Available Selections

Every piece of furniture we create comes from Colorado, our home state. The wood is collected at barns that have been around since pioneers first began settling the beautiful frontier. After our restoration process, we then repurpose this barn wood and move begin the building process. Each piece of furniture that we build is handcrafted using a tried and true process that is centuries old. This ensures that every piece is sturdy and meets high-quality standards.

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018

Take a look at any of the following pieces that we have currently available in our online catalog:

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018 | Collections

Or, if you prefer, you can shop by browsing our different available collections. These include a few different styles, such as Blue Pine furniture and Rustic furniture. The collections are also meant to make finding a piece made for a specific room easier. The different collection of handcrafted wood furniture we have available in our online catalog are:

Every piece we make is handcrafted in our very own warehouses. We also provide the option to build custom furniture pieces for any client looking for a piece of barnwood furniture fit in specific dimensions.

Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018 | About Us

Raised in a Barn is more than just a Greeley CO furniture store. In addition to building the high-quality wooden furniture items, we give back to the community. The Rock Found is an inspirational reentry program that helps individuals become healthy, productive members of their community again. We provide its participants a chance to learn both hands-on job and social skills that they can carry with them the rest of their lives.

CONTACT US if you have any additional questions or to get a free estimate regarding building a custom handcrafted wood furniture for your home or office.

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Handcrafted Barnwood Furniture 2018

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