Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018
Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018

Reclaimed wood furniture is unique for a few different reasons. Its styles are not only increasing in popularity throughout the country, but their appearance is well suited for just about any type of room. This means the versatility of reclaimed wood furniture allows it to belong in modern offices and quaint rural homes, alike. The look it provides can often become an obvious conversation piece of the room because of its undeniable beauty and natural simplicity. For those looking for the best reclaimed wood furniture 2018 has to offer then look no further than our small, Colorado-based furniture company. Visit our website for more information about the products discussed in this article or about who we are by clicking the link provided here: Raised in a Barn.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018 | Products

Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture we build at Raised in a Barn comes from the wood of old barns. Littering the beautiful Colorado landscape and ready to be torn down, we loved the idea of putting a piece of our home in every single piece of furniture we build. It is also a way we can help keep our local environment clean and pristine.

The custom furniture pieces we build include items for every room of the house. From kitchen tables to bunk beds, we have built it all. You can see some of the current pieces we have available upon request here:

If you have specific requests for furniture that needs to be a certain size then be sure to get in touch with us and we will gladly give you a free estimate. No two pieces are alike because of the beautiful repurposed wood we use. We guarantee you we will absolutely love the custom handcrafted designs we create specifically for you.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018 | Collections

With reclaimed wood, we are able to make a few different styles in a few different collections. This is what sets reclaimed wood furniture apart from traditional styles. Every collection is unique, but each style is suited to fit in almost any design style you have. Here are the different collections we build our pieces in:

Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018 | About Us

Raised in a Barn is more than a simple furniture store. We love our local Greeley, CO community and are determined to give back and support the people that so loving support us. We partner with local community programs that help support individuals looking to better their lives. The Rock Found is a non-profit that assists troubled individuals to re-enter into communities after being released from incarceration. CSK’s Grill is a Greeley, CO food truck and catering service that, like us, helps these same individuals with job training and work experience.

CONTACT US if you have any additional questions or to request a quote on custom furniture pieces, including barn wood doors.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture 2018


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