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Rustic Barn Doors

You can now find rustic barn doors in more and more houses across the country. Sliding rustic barn doors are a perfect decorative supplement for most interior design styles. What makes our rustic barn doors even more unique is they are built from repurposed barn wood. The barn wood comes from dilapidated buildings scattered across the sprawling Colorado hills. We decided it was a perfect way to share our naturally beautiful Colorado landscape with anyone else in this great country. If you want to view pictures of our custom rustic barn doors or look at our other types of special furniture pieces visit our website at the link provided here: Raised in a Barn.

We are happy to be able to use reclaimed barn wood for our rustic barn doors. Each door can quickly become a central conversation piece to complement any room. Every one of our rustic barn doors is hand-crafted using tried and true woodworking techniques. Once you send us the exact dimensions you need your custom rustic barn doors built in we can go over the different types of wood or style you prefer. Fortunately, our rustic barn doors are designed so well that they can go with almost any piece of furniture from any of our collections. These are the three different collections we build all of our furniture in:

In each collection, you can find our other unique furniture pieces designed to fit in any style office or room. We have bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and office decor for sale. Because of the wood we use, every single piece of furniture from Raised in a Barn is a unique, one-of-a-kind product. The completed rustic barn doors and other custom furniture pieces are high-quality and sure to catch the attention of anyone walking by.

It is important for us to be more than just a Colorado-based furniture company. We are on a mission to give back to the communities that support us and do so by partnering with other small businesses and non-profit outreach programs to provide job training and gainful employment. The Rock Found is a non-profit community outreach that helps people reintegrate into society after paying their dues for past crimes. CSK’s Grill also helps these same people by providing support and practical work experience.

CONTACT US once you get your dimensions ready for your new rustic barn doors or if you have any additional questions. Get a true piece of the peaceful Colorado landscape with rustic barn doors from Raised in a Barn.

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