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Barn Wood Dining Room Table

Raised in a Barn is an environmentally friendly company that provides high-quality handmade furniture. Our team of skilled artisans creates beautiful, rustic furniture from reclaimed wood sources. Using reclaimed materials such as the wood we collect from old Colorado barns is an excellent way to gather materials of high caliber and reduce waste that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. Raised in a Barn furniture is a company that understands the importance of contributing to our planet’s ecological welfare. We can work with you to design custom furniture if you have a specific idea in mind and provide you with a piece that meets the needs and wants of your mind’s eye. If you have been looking for a quality barn wood dining room table for your home reach out to Raised in a Barn.

The process for collecting reclaimed wood starts with locating of old Colorado barns that are to be torn down. Our team of industry specialists pulls down the barns themselves in order to recycle the wood. Once the barns have been torn down we work to clean the nails from the wood and saw the pieces into more uninformed, usable planks. From here the materials are transported by our staff for the design and creation of our handmade furniture and that barn wood dining room table you’ve been looking for.

Our team at Raised in a Barn is committed to providing items that meet the high standards that used to be placed upon building furniture. Today’s mass produced, factory furniture isn’t made with the same care and durability that was once emphasized in the industry. Our reclaimed wood sources provide our company with some of the best types of wood available to anyone in the industry. Some of the items in our dining room collection besides our barn wood dining room table include:

There’s a reason these Colorado barns can remaining standing for hundreds of years. The wood they were built with was carefully selected and assembled to withstand harsh weather conditions and the test of time. Our efforts allow us to gather high-grade woods such as oak which we then clean and refinish in the process of producing our products. The furniture we create at Raised in a Barn come with a rich history behind it and an aesthetic appeal that is difficult to compete with.

Our furniture is made to last a lifetime and beyond. The products we construct at Raised in a Barn Furniture are the epitome of quality. We take pride in providing our customers with pieces that they will love and cherish years down the road just as much as they did upon purchasing them. Our furniture is one of those items that you’ll be able to pass down the family even through generations. Don’t settle for cheap, pressed woods gathered from scraps to create particle board; this type of furniture can easily be damaged and begins to fall apart just after a couple years of regular use. Contact Raised in a Barn Furniture today to place a custom order or have any questions answered.

Barn Wood Dining Room Table

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