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High-quality build furniture made to withstand the test of time has become a thing of the past. The norm has become a selection of mass produced, factory generated furniture pieces that leave you with a generic design and furniture that you’ll be lucky if it makes it to the following decade. Raised in a Barn Furniture takes pride in the distribution of premium, handmade rustic furniture. If you are a fan of high-quality, custom products then our wide selection of handmade furniture made put together from reclaimed wood sources will leave you struck with awe. Raised in a Barn Furniture can supply your home or office with beautiful rustic pieces such as a handmade barnwood desk.

Raised in a Barn Furniture is committed to providing beautiful, long lasting furniture from ecologically sound sources. We work to locate old, unwanted Colorado barns in order to reclaim the high-quality wood from these sources. We tear down the old barns that we find and saw the wood into conveniently sized planks. We remove any nails and sand the wood until it is perfect for our artisan applications. The planks we collect significantly reduce the garbage that would’ve been created without reclaiming the wood. Consequently, there is less landfill waste because of the services we provide.

Wood from Barns is extremely durable and high quality because it has been carefully selected and cured to withstand the elements. The contractors or other individuals who initially built these barns understood that the purpose of the building was to house things like tools and animals. For a barn to properly fulfill that purpose it could not be made from weak materials that would permit leakage or breakage. The barns we tear down are old, however, the wood they are constructed from remains in fantastic condition for reclaim and have a beautiful aesthetic to them that has come with the age they’ve withstood.

If you are looking to fill your office space with handmade, beautiful furniture we can help. We can supply you with a gorgeous barnwood desk along with one of our reclaimed wood bookcases, perhaps a barn wood round table to place beside some seats can create the rustic themed office space you have been dreaming of. We have a good selection of furniture styles to select from for various applications. Some of our category selections to choose from include:

Raised in a Barn Furniture offers products made with care and passion. We love the positive feedback that we receive from both our local and online customers. We have a team of skilled artisans that love the creation process of building the beautiful furniture our company helps cultivate and distribute. Contact a member of our staff today to have any questions about our products answered, to customize a piece of furniture to your specifications, or to purchase that beautiful barnwood desk you’ve had your eye on.

Barnwood Desk

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