Custom Barn Doors
Custom Barn Doors, Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Custom Barn Doors

Custom barn doors are becoming more and more popular in homes throughout the country. The sliding custom barn doors provide a perfect complement to any rustic style interior design and go well with various types of rustic furniture. What makes our custom barn doors even more unique is that they are built from repurposed barn wood taken from unused barns across the Colorado landscape. Raised in a Barn is a Colorado-based furniture company that repurposes old barns to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. We aim to give every one of our clients a piece of the stunning Colorado countryside that we proudly call home. To view pictures of our custom barn doors or our other barn wood, rustic, and blue pine furniture visit our online store at the link provided here: Raised in a Barn.

We believe in preserving the natural aura that comes when you cross the open, rural areas of the Colorado countryside. That is why we decided to find a use for forgotten barns that are ready to be torn down. By doing this we can both help our the natural environment of our home state and give our clients a true part of this setting. Raised in a Barn repurposes old barn wood to make different pieces of furniture meant for every style room, office, or home. Each of our furniture pieces is hand-crafted in our very own warehouse and no two pieces are alike. This makes for incredibly special designs of high-quality furniture we are proud to deliver to each of our clients.

Our custom barn doors are created from reclaimed barn wood. The finished pieces are sure to liven up any room or home and are crafted by hand with tried and true woodworking techniques. In order to begin creating our custom barn doors, we need to get a few dimensions from you first. After we have acquired the custom specifications for the barn wood door we will send you a quote within 24 hours. You can choose which type or style of reclaimed wood you prefer so that we can guarantee you will receive exactly what you are looking for.

Raised in a Barn creates furniture in a few different collections. Each furniture collection uses different types of reclaimed wood and can easily become a central conversation piece for any room. In each collection you can find bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and office decor. Here are the different collection styles we provide:

We also believe in giving back to the local communities that support us. We partner with The Rock Found, a re-entry program, to provide job training for individuals looking to turn their lives around. Visit their website to find out more about how they are helping make our home better each day.

CONTACT US to send us your dimensions so we can get started on your custom barn doors today!

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Custom Barn Doors

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