Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors
Custom Barn Doors, Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

There is nothing quite like the old-fashioned hand craftsmanship of the first pioneers who settled the frontier. The pioneers were a people of few worldly possessions, but what they did have was made to last. One of the single most important buildings that a frontier family could have after building their house was a barn, built to last for generations. Raised in a Barn is dedicated to preserving the legacy of these trailblazers by reclaiming the wood from their rugged barns, which our master craftsmen will turn into beautiful furniture pieces. Many of our pieces of furniture are made from repurposed barn wood, including our reclaimed wood barn doors, which opens up a direct link between you and the first hardy pioneers.

Raised in a Barn is a Colorado-based company that is dedicated to preserving the great wilderness that Colorado is world renowned for. That is why we reuse all the different parts of the barn for our reclaimed wood barn doors and other custom furniture pieces. Raised in a Barn not only creates several different kinds of furniture from reclaimed wood but also creates furniture that is made from pine trees that are killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.

The Mountain Pine Beetle has been responsible for killing thousands of square miles of pine trees in the state of Colorado alone. How the Mountain Pine Beetle kills the pine tree by laying its eggs underneath the bark and introducing a fungus that helps shut down the defenses of the tree. Then, within a few weeks of a successful infestation, the host pine will die due to both the fungus and Mountain Pine Beetles larvae feeding off all the nutrients coming through the roots of the pine. All the dead pine trees left in the aftermath pose a massive fire threat, so to help solve this problem we utilize the lumber from the killed pines, which then becomes our Beetle Kill Pine Collection.

Every single piece of furniture is handmade by our master craftsmen. With their many years of experience, they build furniture that will last for generations. One of our most popular pieces is the Barn Wood Teno Bunk Bed, which is great for kids sharing a bedroom. For the living room, we have the beautiful Barnwood TV Cabinet, which adds a sense of serenity when relaxing with loved ones. These are just a few of the many different pieces of furniture for you to choose from.

In addition to our efforts to preserve the great wilderness of Colorado, Raised in a Barn has teamed up with The Rock Found. The Rock Found is a nonprofit organization that helps people who have been incarcerated learn the skills and habits essential for successfully re-entering society.

If you’re looking for handmade barnwood furniture that is 100% MADE IN THE USA, then check out our furniture for yourself and follow us on Facebook at Raised in a Barn.

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors


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