Rustic Style Furniture
Rustic Wood Furniture

Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style furniture is an increasingly popular look that fits into any room and brings a unique look to your home. Raised In A Barn specializes in creating custom rustic style furniture pieces for the bedroom, dining rooms, living rooms, and more. We partner with other businesses that believe in the importance of giving back to the people that serve us and continually improve the community around us. Our furniture comes from old barns no longer in use and we repurpose this wood to create beautiful rustic style furniture for your home.

Raised In A Barn is furniture store located in the sprawling hills of Colorado that repurposes old barn wood to make one of a kind rustic style furniture that can be used in any room in your home. Instead of wasting this precious resource we build special pieces that are unlike any other products we have previously delivered.

Rustic style furniture is a unique look that fits in country homes and modern apartments alike. It is appreciated for its natural beauty and inspired by the nature that always surrounds us. It offers an organic warmth to any home and is ultimately unpretentious with its earthy colors and different textures. At Raised In A Barn we create rustic style furniture for custom orders and produce more variations of our own popular items. Each of these items falls in a category that is listed below:

Each of these categories carries a number of rustic style furniture selections that would complement any location regardless of their theme. That is one of the beauties found in rustic style furniture; it is able to be added to an already existent collection. The blue pine or beetle kill pine is a look that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps utilize wood in an eco-friendly way since it can attribute to deforestation in large forests.

This idea of using items that are ready to be discarded by most is a principle that Raised In A Barn stands behind. To actively act on this mission we partner with The Rock Found. The Rock Found is a nonprofit, spiritually based program that specializes in helping individuals recently released from incarceration make their way back into our society. Through employment assistance and job training, we believe we can give back to the community that has stood by us all this time and hope to continue to do so as long as people continue to love our beautifully crafted furniture items.

For a full look at our entire collection of rustic style furniture investigate our website at Raised In A Barn and Contact Us with any additional inquiries or custom order ideas that you might have.

Rustic Style Furniture


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