Pine Beetle Wood Furniture
Barnwood Furniture, Pine Beetle Wood Furniture

Pine Beetle Wood Furniture

One of the best qualities involved in creating custom handmade furniture out of repurposed wood is the unique ability to put something that was once thought of as a nuisance to a more glorified use. Pine Beetle Wood furniture, or sometimes called blue pine beetle kill wood furniture, is one of our most popular collections that takes a piece of Colorado history and brings it straight to your room. This is one of the unique specialties implemented by Raised in a Barn.

Raised in a Barn is a Colorado furniture store that creates a variety of custom-tailored barn and pine beetle wood furniture for every part of the house. We believe in the idea of creating something wholly special from forgotten types of barn wood and Blue Pine lumber and boast an impressive collection of different rustic handmade furniture.

Pine Beetle Wood Furniture | History of Pine Beetle Wood 

A brief biography of pine beetle kill wood furniture includes life details of mountain pine beetles. These mountain pine beetles are a pest that plagues entire pine tree forest regions, causing healthy trees to become infected with a mold that inhibits their ability to retain water and other key nutrients. The mountain pine beetles lay their eggs under the bark of the tree and introduce a blue stain fungus inside the sapwood which repels water and the transport of other essential nutrients to the pine trees health.

After a while, this process kills the tree, which is then utilized for the building of pine beetle wood furniture. It is typically most useful about 8-12 years after the tree’s death, but due to the loss of moisture causes a difficult building process and is only most utilized by pine beetle wood furniture stores specialized in this crafting this style and technique. Overall, repurposing this item for pine beetle wood furniture is healthy for the environment as it prevents the possibility of a more widespread infestation and dangers of creating a vast forest fire.

Pine Beetle Wood Furniture | Products For Sale

Raised in a Barn is a furniture store that specializes in the styles of both rustic and pine beetle wood furniture. Our expert craftsmen seek out broken down barns that have been left as physical remnants of a simpler time across the sprawling Colorado landscape. Utilizing this technique in our work contributes to our special collections available on our online store. These collections are as follows:

Each of these categories is maintained by a growing number of unique pieces built by our team of professionals. In addition to repurposing old wood, Raised in a Barn also partners with community outreach program The Rock Found, an inmate re-entry program that delivers job training and assistance to individuals recently released from incarceration.

For a broader look at our entire collection of handmade rustic furniture follow the link provided to our online furniture store and browse through the different pages of our crafts.

If you want to learn more about who we are, our building process, or have any other questions Contact Us and we will be glad to answer any of your inquiries.

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Pine Beetle Wood Furniture

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